(Family-Friendly Vegan, Plant-Based)

I am here to tell you that vegan cooking is easy! Plant-based recipes can also be family-friendly. And nutritionally complete. Vegan cooking seems to have gotten a reputation for being weird, boring and difficult. My husband and I cook vegan meals for our family of four each and every day. And believe me, we don't like to fuss in the kitchen for too long. We're all about easy meals, made in under half an hour if at all possible - an hour at the high end. 

You will find some of our favourite recipes listed below - everything from simple, nourishing smoothies (for a quick, healthy start to your day) to easy weeknight tofu dishes to decadent and delicious desserts. These are recipes with easy-to-find ingredients that you'll recognize and enjoy - nothing weird about them! Over 160 fast, easy, tasty plant-based meals for you alone or to share with kids - we've got recipes here for everyone! Make them for your friends who think vegan food is strange and watch them gobble it up! (Just don't tell them it's "vegan" until they eat it.)



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Soups & Stews

Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup (gluten-free, pictured)