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How To Make Easy Father's Day Cards With Cricut Joy

Don't feel like heading out to the store in search of a Father's Day card? I don't blame you. COVID-19 has made in-store shopping stressful. Fortunately, Cricut's portable cutting machine, Cricut Joy, makes creating a homemade Father's Day card fast and easy. In fact, you can make cute, DIY cards for any occasion in minutes using designs that are ready to go in Cricut Design Space (and order all the materials online at

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Materials Needed To Make Fast & Easy Father's Day Cards With Cricut Joy

Each set of Cricut Joy insert cards comes with envelopes, pre-folded cards and inserts. If you are accustomed to making cards with a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2, you'll know that those homemade cards involve a little more work, because you have to score, cut and fold the envelope and the card itself, and also glue the envelope together. Of course that's totally fine if that's what you enjoy doing! In a previous post, I shared how to make Father's Day cards with a full-size Cricut machine.

Cricut Joy Insert Cards Save Time

The Cricut Joy insert cards are a big time-saver. You can make a pretty, homemade greeting card in under 10 minutes, from your phone (connected by Bluetooth to Cricut Joy). I know I personally have forgotten to buy a card many times in the past and have ended up stopping at a store on the way to a wedding shower, anniversary celebration or birthday party. (Writing a message on your lap in the car is awkward and I know my handwriting suffers!)

How To Make Fast & Easy Father's Day Cards With Cricut Joy

Open Cricut Design Space on your phone or computer.

From the categories, select "Cricut Joy Insert Cards." Scroll through the selections or use the search bar to narrow your choices. For example, enter "father" or "dad."

Select a card design. For this demonstration, I selected the "Tool Collage Card." It's a fitting choice for my dad because, in his younger days, he was always puttering around the yard fixing something or other.

Take note of materials needed. (Of course, feel free to switch out the card and insert colours/designs to suit your preferences.) Click "Make It" (bottom right) to proceed. (If you aren't a Cricut Access member, you may have to pay for the design.)

Select "On Card Mat" and "Mirror Off" if/when prompted.

Choose "Continue".

You'll be asked to select your Cricut Joy machine from a list (connection is by Bluetooth and you may have to connect your phone/computer by Bluetooth to Cricut Joy).

Set material. Choose "Insert Card - Cardstock." Ensure the fine-point blade is loaded in the clamp. (For some cards that have writing on them, you'll be prompted to insert a pen or marker. Once Cricut Joy has finished writing, you'll be prompted to switch from pen to blade.)

Affix the card material to the Cricut Joy card mat. (Make sure you've removed the plastic liner from the card mat to expose the sticky surface. Sounds obvious but I've forgotten to do this!) The back of the card (ie. the part you write on) should be tucked behind the clear plastic, with the front of the card on top (on the sticky surface). Ensure you place the card as far up on the mat as it can go. Press down over the surface of the card with your fingertips to ensure it's securely affixed to the mat.

Load the mat into the machine. (The white light on top of Cricut Joy will be flashing.)

Cricut Joy will check that your mat is aligned and you have enough material for the cut.

Press "Go" in Cricut Design Space.

When the cut is complete, press "Unload" in Design Space.

Carefully remove the card from the mat, weeding away the cuts as you go.

Use the scraper to clear bits of card stock stuck to the mat.

When you finish weeding, tuck the chosen insert into the four slits Cricut Joy has cut into the card corners, facing the printed side of the insert towards the back of the cut area.

That's it! You've now got a beautiful card to give to Dad!

Although this looks like a lot of instructions, once you make your first card you'll see how fast and simple it is to make greeting cards with Cricut Joy.

I think the "Father Like Gnome Other Trophy Card" is absolutely adorable. I cut it with a cream card and used a gold metallic insert. This design also requires a fine point black pen for writing.

I also cut the "Happy Father's Day" card in gray with a black glitter insert. This card also calls for a fine point black pen.

The "#1 Dad In The World" card is shown here in grey with a holographic insert. (It says Mesa Sampler insert cards in the materials in the Design Space file, but that doesn't match up with the picture there either.) The Cricut Joy holographic inserts are really cool, because they look different at different angles and in different lighting.

I didn't have the materials suggested in the "Super Dad" card design (where the card is red and the insert is yellow, which is from the Fingerpaint Sampler), but I did have a blue card with a red insert, so still within the Superman theme. This would be a great father's day card for a younger child to give.

We give Father's Day cards to three people - my husband, my dad and my father-in-law. However many people you give to, the process of creating homemade cards with Cricut Joy is so easy and addictive that you'll want to keep going. In that case, my suggestion is to make up a few birthday cards to keep on hand for when you need one next. Cricut keeps adding to the designs all the time. I have also seen congratulations, wedding, retirement and graduation card designs, among others.

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Questions for you

Have you made cards with a Cricut machine? Which one? Which of these cards would your dad/husband/father figure like?


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