Friday, June 5, 2020

Vegan Baked Donuts Frosted Three Ways On The Reducetarian Blog

If you are on the hunt for vegan donuts (or "doughnuts" if you prefer) on this National Donut Day, why not bake up a batch yourself? Homemade baked vegan donuts are surprisingly simple to make, and you can top them any way you like.

My recipe for Vegan Baked Donuts Frosted Three Ways can be found among the delicious, plant-based recipes on the Reducetarian Foundation website.

These tasty donuts are made with basic ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Preparing them is fast and easy - mix dry ingredients, mix wet ingredients and whisk it all together. Then pipe the batter into a couple of donut pans and bake. You'll have donuts on the cooling rack in under half an hour!

Then comes the fun part - tailor your donuts to your preferences. Choose from three "frostings" - chocolate glaze, cinnamon sugar or vanilla glaze. Add chopped peanuts, sprinkles or coconut if you like. This part is great fun for the kiddos as well.

Enjoy your fresh-baked donut with a cup of tea or coffee and celebrate a job well done.

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Questions for you

Have you made donuts at home? What are your favourite donut toppings or frostings?

*Woman in Real Life is a paid partner of the Reducetarian Foundation, however we were not paid to promote the organization here - we just wanted to help spread the word about their mission.

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