Monday, August 3, 2020

Vegan Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes On The Reducetarian Website

 Vegan Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

Dairy-free cheesecake doesn't just exist - it's also delicious! Although the trend is cashew-based vegan cheesecakes now, I have been making tofu cheesecakes for the past two decades. Both options are great - see my gluten-free, raw, vegan mini kiwi cheesecakes for a cashew-based option.

I have partnered once again with the Reducetarian Foundation to bring you a new vegan cheesecake recipe - mini raspberry cheesecakes made with medium-firm tofu. Find the recipe among all of the tempting plant-based recipes on the Reducetarian Foundation website.

Vegan Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

One of the advantages of a tofu cheesecake (over a cashew cheesecake) is that it can be made nut-free for those with allergies. This recipe is also gluten-free as long as you choose a gluten-free cookie for the base layer. I have used ginger snap cookies and they create delicious results!

These mini raspberry cheesecakes have three layers - a cookie crust, a "regular" cheesecake layer and a raspberry cheesecake layer. Despite the extra layer, these little cheesecakes are super simple to make. With the help of a food processor there's barely any work to do at all!

Vegan Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes

The really fun part is in the toppings. Add some coconut whipped cream topping, raspberry drizzle and a few fresh raspberries to beautify these vegan mini raspberry cheesecakes.

Click here to head to the Reducetarian website for the recipe.

About the Reducetarian Foundation

The Reducetarian Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to improve human health, protect the environment and spare farm animals from cruelty by reducing societal consumption of animal products. Reducetarians are inclusive of vegans, vegetarians and all people who wish to cut back on their use of animal products.

Questions for you

Have you made dairy-free, vegan cheesecake before? Have you tried using tofu?

*Woman in Real Life is a paid partner of the Reducetarian Foundation, however we were not paid to promote the organization here - we just wanted to help spread the word about their mission.

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