Friday, June 15, 2018

Making Father's Day Cards With Cricut

I posted these Cricut cards for Mother's Day, so you know I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to post about the Father's Day cards I made this year with my Cricut Explore Air. (Updated: You can also make these cards with the Cricut Maker or the Cricut Explore Air 2). I made three cards once again - one for my dad, one for my father-in-law and one for my husband. I tried to find appropriate cards for each one of them using the card designs that are ready to go in Cricut Design Space.

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Materials Needed To Make Father's Day Cards With Cricut

First I chose the "Cards" category in Cricut Design Space. Then I entered "father" in the search box. As you can see, above, there are several great results to choose from. (Try entering "dad" for other results.)

My father has always been handy. He was an electrician for a living but he also puttered around the house in his spare time, building things and fixing cars. So I knew this Father's Day Tool Kit Card would be perfect for him. Plus it's just so super cute!

For this particular card, I proceeded to "Customize" before selecting "Make It," only because the card design calls for 12"x24" cardstock and I had ordered this 12"x12" Steel Plate Deluxe Paper, which is so appropriate for this card. (It even has an image of the finished card on the front of the packaging.) I simply selected all of the items as a group in Design Space and sized the height down 2 inches. (The width scaled down as well.) For the other two cards, I didn't even customize. I just went right to "Make It" and proceeded with the cutting.

Most of the assembly of the cards was also straightforward. For my husband I chose the Mountain Man Father's Day Card, mostly because the dad on the card has a hairy face and I thought it would be funny, because my daughter always begs her dad to shave. I marvel at the design of this card and how the pieces come together.

The larger brown piece goes on the bottom, next is the white piece, then the green. (Of course you can choose different colours so it suits the man you are creating the card for.)

The man's hair and the grey pants get glued on next.

Plus the little boy's pants and the man's shirt cuffs. For the patterned cardstocks, I chose from this Walk in the Park Deluxe Paper and this Pastel Geometrics Deluxe Paper set. I wanted the swirls and the small triangles to refer roughly to mountains and clouds. The Happy Father's Day text is part of the card design, written on by the Cricut with a black fine point Cricut pen.

The tool kit card requires a bit more assembly than the average card but it's so worth it. The adorable box folds down into a card shape and fits into an envelope! The tool box handles can then be used to open the card. It's even secured shut with a little paper ruler. Too cute.

This can be done in so many different colours and patterns. And don't forget you can modify the box a bit to use it for a completely different type of occasion.

These photos show you which pieces go where, but you can watch this Melody Lane video if you want to actually see somebody put the tool box together.

There are even cut-out wrench and screwdriver images on the interior long sides.

For my father-in-law, I went with this simple yet really lovely Happy Father's Day Card (above).The instructions suggest adding some stitches and sewing on a button but I hot glued on a button instead. The "happy Father's Day" sentiment is cut from cardstock, so you could easily cut any message to adapt this card for different occasions.

For those of you celebrating Father's Day this Sunday, I hope you have a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, fun and a few treats!

What kind of card would suit your dad/husband/father-in-law/father figure?

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