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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Keep These Boiron Homeopathic Products In Your Family Toolkit (Giveaway)


Cuts, scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, dry skin - unfortunately all of these are inevitable parts of living. Especially when you are living life to the fullest - which we tend to do in summertime, when the air is warm and the possibilities for outdoor activities broaden.

I try to use homeopathic and natural remedies whenever possible. My dedication to these less "conventional" products heightened when we started a family over 13 years ago. I became very conscious about the need to put less chemicals in our bodies. (And, let's not forget, we absorb chemicals through the creams and cosmetics we put on our skin.) My family "toolkit" has always included Boiron's homeopathic products. They have a number of products that are vegan-friendly, such as Arnicare creams and gels and Cicadermine.

Creative Hands Knitting Series & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #49

vintage books from Creative Hands knitting, dressmaking

One step in my 4-month purge involved opening up boxes of books that had been stowed away in the storage room. (And, by the way, my 4-month purge is about to become a 6-month purge, starting today, because the summer progressed very slowly.)

I was torn about these Creative Hands knitting, dressmaking and needlecraft guides (which took up a whole box). I'm thinking there is a good chance I'm never going to actually make a project from these books, so they really shouldn't be taking up valuable space. But I have a positive reaction to them. They spark joy, which means I get to keep them right? (According to the KonMari method anyway.)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Learning Through Adventure With Safari Tales (My Daughter's Fave New App)


We recently went on a road trip to the Thousand Islands area. It was about a three-hour drive each way. As all parents and caregivers know, this kind of trip calls for a variety of entertainment sources for the kids. Books, music, movies, toys - we pack it all! But their favourite type of entertainment comes from the game apps installed on their iPads.

For this trip, my daughter was excited to try out a new game. Safari Tales, a game for children ages four to 10, was released in July. What's great about Safari Tales, from a parent's perspective, is that it has an educational focus. From a kid's perspective, it's all about fun. It's a colourful, 3D learning-through-play app that helps to develop reading and vocabulary skills by making your child both adventurer and storyteller.

Monday, August 24, 2015

How We Got Our Teen Son's Desk Ready for Back To School (#BTSReady With Staples)


This new school year is sure to be an eventful one for my son. He's going into Grade 8! That means a big school trip, graduation festivities and, let's not forget, the need to build high school readiness. With just one year left until high school, my husband and I want to ensure that our growing guy works on his homework and study skills.
To that end, we spent some time recently creating a comfortable desk area in his bedroom. While he has often done homework in the kitchen in the past (with me nearby to help) I feel like it's time he has his own quiet space in which to work.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our Picks for Stylish Back-to-School Bags (with a Starbucks Giveaway)


As much as I hate to think about summer coming to an end, it's about time to start making those back-to-school purchases. While school starts for us on September 8th, in many other areas kids are already back to school. Like many people, we start each school year with fresh lunch bags and backpacks (unless the old ones are still clean and in good shape).

This year I did a lot of research to find eco-friendly and stylish options for lunch bags and backpacks that would suit our family. My daughter is 10 so she still likes the cute and fun options, but she also requires a certain level of "maturity" in her choices. My son is 13 so this in-denial mom has to be careful she doesn't go with styles that are too "little boy" for him.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

10 Ways to Drink More Water (With The Strauss WaterBar)


Use these 10 Tips for Drinking More Water to help increase your hydration and health. With the Strauss WaterBar.

Each day we lose our water stores in service of bodily functions like breathing, sweating, temperature regulation and digestion. If we don't replenish that water with more fluid we get dehydrated. Being well hydrated increases our body's ability to eliminate toxins and reduces our desire for caffeine and sugary drinks. It may also help to prevent us from overeating. Water is free of calories, making it a healthy, diet-friendly way to increase hydration.

That being said, if you are anything like me, you get busy and forget to drink enough water. As inspiration for us dehydrated folks, I have come up with these tips to get us drinking more water.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Benefits of Eating Fruit & What I Ate Wednesday


Summer is the optimum time to add more fruits and veggies to your diet. It's a healthful transition that need not be painful. In fact, it can be quite simple and a whole lot of fun. This recipe for Strawberry Peach Green Tea Ice Pops, for example, is a unique and fun way to enjoy fresh fruit that appeals to adults and kids alike.

We all know by now that eating fruit provides us with numerous health benefits. As part of an overall healthy diet, fruit reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases and provides us with essential nutrients to help us not just survive, but thrive!

I have been enjoying fresh fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, nectarines and plums this summer. So, just in case you need a little nudge to add more fruits to your daily diet, I thought I'd share a little refresher on the benefits of eating fruit. Here goes: