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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday


Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd start off this What I Ate Wednesday with a photo of the adorable emoji cookies my daughter made this morning. She is 10 and she has started making vegan chocolate chip cookies regularly all by herself. Today she decided to decorate them with emojis. Considering it was her first time, and we used a new icing recipe, I think they are pretty darn cute!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Childhood Jewelry & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #45


I am still focusing on purging, rather than buying. As I go through all my stuff bit by bit, I come across some gems that simply must stay in my possession. Like these little goodies from my childhood that I found among the items stuffed into my old jewelry box. Whether valuable or not, I have developed a fondness for these pieces. I remember I was for a time completely enamoured of this sweet cat charm, which I believe has a jade belly. I also loved my Christmas tree pin. (I need to remember to get it out next Christmas!) And the gold cross was a gift from my mother - apparently it was given to her by a suitor long ago.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cottage Life


Generally we try to go away on one longer road trip per summer - often it has been to Nova Scotia, once it was to Cape Cod and, last year, it was to New York City. This year we decided that our main vacation would take place right here in Ontario. There are many beautiful spots in this province and it makes sense now and then to put the money into accommodations and save on travel expenses.

We rented a cottage for a week on Lower Buckhorn Lake with my husband's cousin and her family. Just a couple of hours away, it was a pleasant drive to the cottage, mainly along rural roads. We didn't exactly pack light. In fact, we pretty much stuffed the van to the gills. I decided to buy all of our groceries at home and pack them in coolers and boxes, because I'm sort of picky about which products I like and you never know what you'll find in smaller town grocery stores. We left the dogs at home with a dog sitter so we didn't have to pack any of their stuff. But we managed to fill up every crevice anyhow.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday


We had so much fun hanging out with friends at our cottage rental all last week. And we ate lots. And drank a bit too. Sometimes I get bored of cooking, but it was so nice to get together with others in the kitchen and each make different parts that came together beautifully as a whole meal.

One day we were out and about exploring and somebody suggested we stop for pizzas on the way home. I wasn't going to have any, seeing as I don't eat cheese and vegan pizza is not often available in small towns. But I decided, what the heck, I might as well ask what they could do. And they made me a lovely small pesto pizza topped with spinach, black olives and sundried tomatoes. Others actually ended up jealous of my pizza. I washed it down with a Long Island iced tea. Life was good.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thrifted Pancake Makers & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #44


Do you like pancakes? Dumb question, right? There's just something about pancakes - they always feel like a special treat no matter how often you have them. And we have been having them a lot lately. The pancake griddle we got as an engagement present over 16 years ago recently broke - one plastic leg completely gone.

We couldn't have a three-legged pancake griddle and I briefly debated buying an expensive new one. But then my little girl and I spotted this Rival "Short Order Chef" at the thrift store for $3. We plugged it into an outlet and it heated up - that's pretty much all it has to do, so home it came. My girl had a desire to make pancakes on her own and she has been doing so even before I get out of bed in the morning, with the help of this griddle and some purchased pancake mix. It also makes waffles but she's not quite ready for that yet - she attempted it one morning and pretty much all the batter stuck to the griddle.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Declutter and Get Cash With VarageSale


I'm now well into the third month of my 4-month household purge. With the kids home and lots of summer activities planned, I have been a bit off track this month. There are still plenty of items to sort through in the basement storage area and in my own closet.
For those items that I'm looking to sell, I'm turning to VarageSale, a free marketplace app that allows you to buy and sell affordable secondhand items locally in your own community. Like most people, I have lots of clothing, children's toys, dishes and assorted household items that are still useful but simply aren't getting used in our house. Like this wallet that I listed on VarageSale. I think it's super cute, but it has never been used simply because I received a few wallets as gifts around the same time. Since I don't change my wallets until they are worn out (and I mean worn out!) I haven't gotten around to using this one yet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday At The Cottage


I am writing this What I Ate Wednesday from our cottage rental on Lower Buckhorn Lake. We have been spending time pedal boating, canoeing, swimming, playing bocce, napping and, of course, eating lots of yummy foods. Although we don't want to be slaves to the kitchen, cottaging also calls for good eats.