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How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

There's no need to travel far from home to have a good time this summer. Make the most of your hometown outings - create these easy drive-in cinema date night his and hers tote bags with the help of Cricut. Nothing says summer like cuddling up to watch a drive-in movie with some tasty snacks. 

I don't know about you, but I don't pack light for the drive-in. (Truth be told, I don't pack light for any outing.) I need a sweater and a blanket in case it gets cold - maybe some fuzzy socks - a water bottle, a portable phone charger and, of course, snacks. That’s why I thought it would be fun to diy his and hers tote bags for drive-in cinema date nights. 

Each tote bag has theme-appropriate iron-on movie images, such as popcorn and tickets, along with "his" and "hers" iron-ons to keep all those drive-in necessities neat and organized. Of course, you can modify the bags to suit yourself and your partner - maybe your diy iron-on tote bags are "hers" and "hers" - use your own favourite colours so you know which bag is yours. You can also personalize these drive-in cinema tote bags with names. It would be fun for kids to have their own bags too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine. This post contains affiliate links.

Materials Needed for Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

Materials Needed for Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags:

Cricut Maker or other Cricut cutting machine

Cricut heat press

Cricut tote bag blank

Everyday iron-on (HTV)

Glitter iron-on

StandardGrip machine mat


Weeder (optional)

Ruler (optional)

Steps To Make Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags:

Open up Cricut Design Space.

Optional step - If you would like an idea of how the images look on a tote bag, you can choose "Template" and enter "tote" in the search bar to import an outline of a tote bag. Modify the size to match your real-life tote.  

Add images. Enter "movie" in the images search bar (or "tickets" or whatever type of image you like) to see the abundance of Cricut images that are ready-made for you. There is even a "movie night" image, as well as "his" and "hers" on ticket-style backgrounds, so you don't even have to input text. 

Arrange the images as you like on the tote bag template. (The tote bag template will not save if you exit Design Space and come back.) I chose to cut the images in different colours so the on-screen placement wasn't important to the actual cutting - it just helped me to see what the end result would be. 

Change the colours of the images on-screen to something similar to the iron-on materials you'll be using. I went with gold-black glitter iron-on for the "movie night" images on both bags, for a movie awards night effect.

If all the cuts are different colours, you may opt to cut both the "his" and "hers" images at once, but I hid the "hers" image for simplicity to demonstrate the cuts for just one bag. (Even if you have a couple of images that are the same colour on the same bag, you may wish to cut them without grouping them in order to reduce material waste.) 

It's time to cut!

You can see what I meant here. The "movie night" and "his" images are in the same colour but I cut them side by side to reduce material waste, and placed them individually on the tote. 

Important: Be sure to turn the mirroring on for each mat before cutting. Iron-on images must be cut this way as they will be flipped over when you iron them on to the tote bag. 

I worked in Design Space on my desktop computer and then switched to my phone for the cutting process. Follow the directions on-screen to complete the cutting process. You'll be prompted to select your material. In this case the "movie night" and "his" images were cut from gold-black glitter iron-on. Some of the other images were cut from everyday iron-on

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

Ensure the fine-point blade is inserted. (Cricut Maker will check that the right blade is inserted before cutting.) Place the iron-on material on the StandardGrip mat, shiny (liner) side down. It helps if you think that you want the blade to cut the actual material, not the liner. The liner will act as a protector for your material during the heat press process.

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

Once the Cricut Maker has finished cutting, eject the cutting mat and remove the material from the mat by pulling the mat gently away from the material. Weed away the excess iron-on material, either by bending the cut slightly and using your fingers to pull it off or by using the Cricut weeder tool.

Use the handy online Cricut Heat Guide to determine the correct heat press settings and the process to press the iron-on. Select your heat press, the material you're using, the base material (ie. the tote bag) and whether you are using an EasyPress mat or a towel as the foundation for your transfer. 

Note: Place the towel or EasyPress mat on a solid foundation, such as a table, not an ironing board. 

The everyday iron-on and glitter iron-on called for different temperatures so I went with the higher (glitter iron-on) temperature to be sure all the materials would adhere sufficiently. The results in the Cricut Heat Guide will also outline the supplies needed and the process to follow to complete the iron-on process effectively. 

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

You'll need to preheat the tote bag for 5 seconds to prepare the surface and remove any moisture. Then place the cut images where you would like them to go. A ruler comes in handy for this. 

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

Follow the instructions in the Heat Guide to press on the iron-on material. I placed a protective sheet that came with some Infusible Ink transfer sheets. You can also use parchment paper, or Cricut has a handy protective sheet you can buy for multiple uses to reduce waste. In this case, the pressing took 30 seconds on one side and 15 seconds on the reverse side of the bag. Allow the (hot!) backing material to cool before carefully pulling it back to reveal your final pressed image. 

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

I think these drive-in cinema tote bags make a great addition to your date night - especially if you're a chronic overpacker like I am. I like to bring all the stuff, but then I get irritated when the car is overflowing with loose items. You too? These bags contain our items tidily so we know exactly where that warm sweatshirt or favourite bag of chips is. 

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

All you need now is a bunch of cozy cushions and blankets. (Borrow them from throughout the house.) Lanterns and string lights are cute too. A football for tossing before the movies start. And maybe a cooler for drinks. Too much

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

For my tote bag, I did the "hers" image in pink glitter iron-on. Why not? My "ticket" image is in pink everyday iron-on. I wear black just about every day for clothing, but I like a good pink accessory now and then. My home office has a lot of pink touches. I cut both of the popcorn images in red. (You can see that one has a thicker line than the other - I missed a strip when I was weeding out the excess material, but I actually like it that way.)

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

Because these tote bags are Cricut Infusible Ink blanks, you could also use Infusible Ink transfer sheets to cut the images from, with some fun possibilities in terms of patterns and colours. 

How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut

I have heard there has been an uptick in visits to the drive-in cinema these past two summers, and I think that's something good that's come out of a difficult year and a half. The drive-in brings up such feelings of nostalgia for childhood and simpler times. 

We have to soak up these summer moments while we can!

Questions for you

What images would you put on your tote bags? Are you a chronic overpacker too? What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer? Do you like the drive-in cinema or the theatre better?

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How To Create Drive-In Cinema Date Night Tote Bags With Cricut


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