Thursday, July 27, 2017

Master Bedroom Mini Makeover Part 2: The Bed & New Douglas Mattress

A couple of weeks back, I shared the first part of our principal bedroom makeover - the wallpaper statement wall and the painted dresser. Today I want to show you the rest of the sleeping end of the room. (There is a sitting area that we will address in the future.)

We have long been wanting to switch from a queen bed to a king. The inspiration for our mini room makeover came when I was invited to review the new Douglas mattress from Novosbed. It was the perfect time to finally switch to a king bed. We had already purchased an inexpensive bed frame, sheets and a duvet cover. And my mom gave me a duvet she got as a gift at the casino. So, when our mattress arrived, we were fully ready to give our bedroom a quick refresh. Here is what the sleeping area looked like before:

Kind of dull. And that mattress was rather old and not at all comfortable. I often woke up with a sore lower back. (The kind where you are temporarily walking hunched over after you get out of bed!)

When our Douglass mattress arrived, I was intrigued and a little bit skeptical. The box was so small for a king mattress. Impossibly small, I couldn't help thinking.

Once we removed the packaging and the plastic seal, the mattress rose up quickly and immediately. I have to say it was quite entertaining for the whole family. In case you're wondering, yes you can sleep on the mattress the first day. There may be a slight odour that will dissipate after a few hours.

This is our sleeping area after the mini makeover, with the new mattress and bedding, new lampshades and of course the previously mentioned Walls Need Love wallpaper and painted dresser.

Since we received our new, much more comfortable mattress, I have been spending a lot more time in bed. On rainy summer days, I grab a book and/or a magazine, a journal or a colouring book, a cup of tea and a sweet treat and head back to bed for an hour. Often I find myself drifting off to sleep.

It seems other family members are enjoying the new mattress too:

That's Ace and actually he used to sleep in the old bed with us too. But here's the funny thing. Our other dog, Jolene, always slept on her dog bed on the floor next to our bed before. Now, she has decided to join us on our new king bed too. Sigh. Yes, there are four of us on that bed each night! Even so, we still have more room than we had with the queen mattress. And I guess Jolene is finding the Douglas mattress super comfortable too.

I kid you not when I say I haven't woken up with a single backache in the few weeks that we've been sleeping on our Douglas mattress. It's a medium-firm mattress with a plush feel. It was created to provide pressure point relief for all sleeping positions, whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Douglas mattress features

  • designed in Canada & made in Canada with Canadian-sourced materials, using Canadian-sourced renewable energy
  • incorporates eco-friendly innovations - Douglas mattress covers are crafted using sustainable Natural Eucalyptus Fabric™. Speaking of the cover, it's removable and washable and leads moisture away from your body.
  • the ecoLight™ foam used in the Douglas is designed to have the same durability as high-density memory foams with half the carbon footprint
  • Douglas has three layers of foam - a support foam that eliminates motion transfer between sleepers (yes please to that!), a second layer of responsive foam that's free of chemicals (unlike many other foams) and a top layer of cooling gel foam.
  • 15 year warranty
If you are on the hunt for an eco-friendly and people-friendly mattress (as I was), read more about Douglas's environmental commitment.

This isn't a sales pitch...

If your mattress is old and "tired" and you can find a bit of room in your budget for a new one, I highly recommend giving the Douglas mattress a try. I find my bed so much more cozy and inviting now and I truly believe that's something we all deserve in our busy lives. Treat yourself. They start at $649 for a twin.

I totally get that the same mattress may not work for everyone. The good thing is you can try the Douglas mattress without risk. Douglas offers a 120-night sleep trial so you have 120 nights to make sure you like it. If you are not satisfied with the mattress after sleeping on it for at least 30 nights, you can return it and get a full refund. They even send a moving company to pick up the mattress.

Do you need a new mattress? Do you like to hang out in bed and read? Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper?

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*I received a mattress to facilitate this review. All opinions are authentic and my own. Thank you for supporting the awesome companies that partner with Woman in Real Life.


  1. Hi Joann,

    Wow! We have been looking around for matresses to replace our old one. This is our master bedroom bed we are talking about. I really like the features of the Douglas matress and welsome all eco-friendly innovations. Eucalyptus Fabric? I grew up among Eucalyptus, one of my most beloved trees! Three layers of foam? Wow! That is amazing.

    I would love wining one!

    1. It is a lovely mattress Gabriela! I hope you entered to win and that you have good luck. :)

  2. Hi,

    The Facebook entry option isn't working for me.

    1. Hi Katie, I'm sorry, I actually can't access the contest set-up. If you message Douglas by Novosbed on Facebook, I'm sure they can help.

  3. A new king size mattress sounds amazing! I love the painted dresser!! The makeover looks great! I love your style!!

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, the space provided with a king bed is life-changing! :) Thank you so much for all of the kind compliments. I appreciate it. :)

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