Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

This What I Ate Wednesday, be prepared to see a lot of restaurant food. I like it, but my waistline doesn't. These photos were all taken on my cellphone, because it has been an eventful week and I didn't tote my DSLR along. To start, here is a pic of my family eating vegan donuts in Toronto's Christie Pits Park last week. But let's back up a bit.

Back to the pre-donut food anyway. We had decided to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and, of course, any outing for me involves finding a nearby (or even not-so-nearby) restaurant. This time it was Apiecalypse Now Pizza & Snack Bar. Everything is vegan at this little restaurant across from Christie Pits Park. Most of the pizza had Daiya cheese on it, which is fine with me. Mine, above had faux sausage.

My little girl isn't big on the Daiya cheese, but she asked for a little bit on her vegan poutine anyway. Of course, she doesn't usually eat her whole meal, so I ate quite a bit of poutine too.

My little dude picked out a "pepperphony" pizza slice. He doesn't usually go for Daiya either, but he liked this slice.

We all picked out donuts to bring to the park. I had this incredible donut with peanut butter in the sauce and Oreos on top. And then I was completely stuffed.

The next day, my girl and I headed off to visit my mom and dad. On the way, we stopped in Hamilton to dine at Lemongrass Fine Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine (on the recommendation of my mom). We had this fried rice, which they prepared without egg for me. I have to say it was incredibly tasty.

We also had Pad Thai with tofu. Yum.

Once settled at my parents' house, we went into town the next day to have lunch at The Minga. I had my usual quinoa and veggie wrap with fresh lemonade.

The little gal had (a bit of) this fresh chickpea, cucumber and tomato salad.

For dinner that night, we put in a Gardein vegan roast, as my mom was serving some other kind of meaty roast. We had roasted veggies and mashed potatoes on the side. This is my next-day leftovers that I ate for lunch, with added strawberries and grapes. We were eating on paper plates at that point because mom and dad's water pump broke and we were completely without water. Meaning, let's not dirty any dishes!

My mom took me out for a birthday dinner in town at a relatively new restaurant, Debb's. They don't have any vegan options on the menu, but they were very helpful in coming up with ideas. They left the feta off this "burger" made with roasted eggplant and zucchini. The fries are cut on site and they were some of the best we have ever tasted.

I have barely had to cook at all the past week. On the way back from my parents' place, I stopped at my in-laws' house, where my mother-in-law served pasta topped with these amazing eggplant and rice balls she created.

Back at home, the lack of cooking continued. For a look at a full day of eats (sort of) we go to Tuesday, when I started the day with Nature's Path raisin bran cereal (which I forgot to photograph). I decided to get out of the house to get some writing done uninterrupted so I went to Starbucks, where I ordered a decaf soy caramel Frappuccino (which I also forgot to photograph). One article written, I headed out to Harvey's and bought a veggie burger and fries for lunch. I know, so healthy eh?

I bought some groceries, returned some purchases and went home to find my husband preparing dinner. (The non-cooking streak continues!) He made fried rice and breaded tofu before heading out to soccer.

Have you been enjoying any restaurants this summer or sticking to your stove/barbecue?


  1. I know that you have a lot of takeout in this weeks WIAT but that's okay sometimes.
    Anyways everything looks yummy as usual but that sandwich from Debb's looks especially
    yummy hurray for extra great french fries

  2. We've been to waaaayyyyy to many restaurants this summer, though I've been trying to cook more lately. Generally Jeremy cooks, but he's been working late so...sigh. Ah well...everything you had looks delish!!

    1. Having your cook distracted by other concerns just sucks. ;)

  3. so jealous you can get poutine more easily than we can here! And that donut!!!

    1. Yes, we should all have access to poutine and donuts, right? ;)