Sunday, February 17, 2013

Menu Plan, 8/52

If it weren't for my menu plan, posted here for all to see, I don't think I would have made a darn thing this past week. I was slow, sluggish and irritable for most of the week, and I'm not even sure why. I just kept telling myself, "One day you'll wake up magically feeling better." It's always worked before.

I also started popping more Vitamin D, because that very well could be part of the problem. Time for spring now...please. In the meantime, I am chugging back warm beverages like decaf coffee and green tea. I'm also listening to soothing music. Right now I have the "Fireplace Folk" channel running on Songza. Simon and Garfunkel is playing at the moment. As I said in this post, they always remind me of thrift shopping with my friend back in high school.

Nevertheless, I stuck to the meal plan this week anyway...for the most part. Above, Monday's Singapore-style Rice Noodles. This was a new recipe to me. I thought it turned out pretty good, but there was a little too much curry for this type of dish in my opinion.

Pancake Tuesday was fun. As I said in this post, I put money in the kids' pancakes. That's always a hit with them. I also really enjoyed the recipe for Fluffy Vegan Pancakes with Blueberries.

On Wednesday, I made vegan Tofu Stroganoff. Delicious. Enough said.

When putting together last week's plan, I forgot to consider Valentine's Day. So, although I did end up making the Garlic and Kale Soup that I had scheduled, we also ordered Chinese food. The kids would not eat any soup that's full of kale. And it was indeed full of kale. I put half the amount of kale called for and still ended up with very little broth left. It was tasty soup though. I used about half the vinegar the recipe suggests because of comments people had put below the recipe. I added white beans instead of wheat berries. I didn't get a picture because the lighting was bad at night and then my husband ate the leftovers the next day before I could take a picture.

On a side note, the kids and I are still enjoying fruit platters for after-school snacks.

On Friday, we cooked frozen veggie burgers and fries. I think Fridays should be simple. On Saturday, my husband made garlic noodles and breaded tofu. I didn't even mention that the meal plan called for miso soup and homemade sushi. As long as I wasn't cooking, that was good enough for me. As for today, we shall see.

Now for this week's plan. I'm not including salads and sides, but generally we have a salad and maybe some broccoli or cauliflower along with our main dish.



All-Day Minestrone
This is a great slow cooker recipe from "Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker" by Robin Robertson.

Almond-Rice Burgers
This is also a Robin Robertson recipe, from "One-Dish Vegetarian Meals."


Hearty Winter Potato Soup
This recipe is a favourite of mine. It comes from "How it all Vegan."


Yet again. My inspiration levels are low right now, so I'm going with an old standby.




Miso Soup and Homemade Veg Sushi
Let's make it happen this time.


Husband Cooking

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  1. My meal planning has disappeared thanks to the heat here. But being Monday today, I better get something organised...

    1. Oh, I can imagine. I feel drained in the heat. On the plus side, I think I eat less in the summer. I don't feel the need for comfort foods as much. :)

  2. Yum! And this week's menu sounds divine-- can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

    1. Hopefully I will be more energetic this week! :)

  3. I am counting down the days until spring, can it just come now? PLEASE! Those noodles are calling me name, I am obsessed with noodle dishes :)

  4. The idea of having slow cooker minestrone soup sounds solo good! Also try popping some vit B for energy.

  5. Oh, I hope you wake up feeling better this week. Spring and sunshine definitely make a difference. The two years we've been in Tx are the only winters ever that I've avoided the winter blues!

  6. Count me in as one of those ready for spring! Hope you get to feeling back to "normal" soon!

  7. Tofu Stroganoff, yum! I think I might have to try that next week. Our Friday was veggie burgers and sweet potato fries too, love simple meals like this.

  8. Your meal plan looks so good. I am really interested in the potato soup recipe! I just made minestrone soup and WW Irish soda bread for dinner. I am craving hot soups. Like you, I am feeling sluggish and unmotivated. It has to be the time of year. Looking forward to seeing your recipes this week! xoxo

  9. Yummu menu! I must try the burger and veg sushi recipe. Off to check out the links. The noodles look delicious.

  10. I can never stick to a meal plan, no matter how hard I try :)