Friday, March 2, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life

It’s Friday, and that means it's time for another week in review using cell phone photos.
This is a great excuse for me to gather a mishmash of photos under the umbrella of “Insta-Friday.” Hopefully, you can relate somehow. My mom likes my Friday pictures, anyway. That's something.
This week, I’m showing you not just the kids, but my dog as well. Dog owners are proud of their dogs—what can I say?

Here is the aforementioned dog, Jolene, looking rather obedient. She was probably hoping for a treat. That dog spends her entire life sleeping and foraging for food. If you think it’s annoying that your retriever “loves” food, get a dog like mine, with a bit of beagle in her. The lab will be looking good. Trust me.

My daughter loves to help in the kitchen. Here she is with a fruit salad she put together all by herself.

This is my shopping cart. I went to the store to get a couple of things. How many women actually ever walk away with a couple of things? And, is it just me, or do the rest of you enjoy looking into other people’s shopping carts? I like to determine who they are shopping for, whether they live alone, if they are addicted to junk food—the list goes on. Also, I always wonder, do they train the store clerks not to ask about your food choices? Because they almost never comment.

My son was all happy the other day because his quesadilla looked like Pac-Man. There’s even an “eye.”

On Sunday, we had this dinner that I talked about earlier in the week. The kids actually ate pretty well. The secret is to starve them for a few hours.

Right after that, the kids wanted something else. They ate some apples. Kids are funny, because they don’t care what order they eat the food in. The Sweet Marie bars would definitely be last for me.

We also made waffles last weekend, from a recipe in Vegan Brunch. We haven’t made them for years, and now I remember why. It took me longer to clean up the overflow of batter than it did to make the waffles.

I also made this yummy marbled banana bread from Post Punk Kitchen. I didn`t quite get the swirl right, but it was tasty.

How was your week?
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  1. I buy that Tempeh too!!!! LOVE it and loved the peek inside your grocery cart! =)


    1. I just started buying that tempeh recently. Some tempeh is not so tasty. That one is nice though!

  2. The waffles look great- So light and almost lacy in texture. Too bad about the mess though... Clean up is definitely no fun, even when there isn't tons of overflow, since the iron is such an awkward shape to wipe down. Every once in a while, it's totally worth it though, and you've got me craving them now! Maybe a weekend waffle brunch is in order...

    1. The waffles were good tasting. They have a bit of cornmeal in them. We might attempt them in a few more months ;) Wish I could be there when you make yours!

  3. I love those vegan burgers too! ;)
    The pac man is the coolest! hi hi

    And I do miss waffles - haven't made them in a long long time....

    Happy Monday!

    1. Hi Ella, They are a good basic burger aren't they? Nice with all the toppings. Happy Monday to you too!