Monday, October 28, 2019

Garage Entry Door Paint and Trim Makeover & Garage Storage Solutions

Garage Entry Door Paint and Trim Makeover & Garage Storage Solutions

So many projects, so little time! As any homeowner knows, household tasks are abundant but the time to complete them is scarce. In our home, the garage hasn't been high on our priority list of areas to tackle. Obviously we spend more time inside the house, and we have plenty of rooms we want to work on there. That being said, we have been in need of changes to the look and functionality of our garage, including paint, garage storage solutions and a garage shelving refresh. (If you are in search of garage organization ideas, have a look at the DIY pegboard tool organizer and folding workbench we posted earlier.)

Today I am sharing a quick refresh of our garage entry door and the wall surrounding it. We had not painted the door before - it was the same industrial blue door surrounded by a bare block wall that we inherited when we bought our house 12 years ago. When I say that this was a "quick" refresh,  I mean that it's a weekend warrior type of project - you definitely can complete this makeover in a day or two if you can block out the time. Read on to find out how we did it.
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When Home Depot Canada invited me to try Behr's 2020 Colour of the Year: Back To Nature S340-4, I knew it would be a lovely, calming addition to our garage space. Inspired by natural elements such as sky, earth, water and plants, Back To Nature is a pretty accent colour for interior spaces and furnishings.

Painting the door itself couldn't have been simpler - we gave it a quick sanding and cleaning and then applied a couple of coats of Back To Nature. Of course, once we chose a paint colour for the garage entry door, we began to clear the surrounding shelves and floor space. In other words, the desire to paint the door then created "the snowball effect" that seems to come along with any organizing or painting project (in our house at least) - ie. we could not just paint the door and leave the mess around it.

These "before" photos clearly show that we were not taking best advantage of our existing garage storage solutions. We already had garage shelving as well as wire storage baskets that hang from the ceiling. Over time, though, as items were removed, used and put back, the shelves and baskets became increasingly disorganized and chaotic. The garage entry door refresh inspired us to change all that.

First we used some leftover white paint from our interior to paint the cement blocks and trim surrounding the garage entry door. Back To Nature is a pale, almost neutral green and we found that the white walls allowed it to better stand out. 

Rather than replacing the existing door hardware, we removed the doorknob and lock and spray painted them with black paint. I persuaded my husband that the door would look prettier with a little trim too. He thought it was a bit ridiculous for a garage entry door but he liked it when it was done.

I also asked him to stain the existing garage shelving (we had leftover stain) in a dark brown/black tone and spray paint the shelf hardware black.

He had previously built a wooden storage unit to hold our blue box recycling bins. The storage centre works so well as a DIY garage organization idea. I love that the bins are not just lying on the floor with contents spilling out and I can simply slide out the recycling bins when I want to add paper, glass or plastics.

I returned tools, plant pots and gardening-related items to the garage shelves. I like the way the natural clay pots contrast with Behr's Back To Nature paint hue. The whole effect reminds me of a farmhouse or a lovely potting shed. It makes me think I'd like to add shelving like this to our backyard shed. (Add it to next summer's to-do list I guess?)

In order for our garage storage solutions to work over time, the biggest part of this job (the aforementioned "snowball effect") was de-cluttering and purging a lot of the contents of the garage. I don't expect that the garage shelving will stay this minimally "styled," but we have tossed or donated about half of the items that were taking up space in the garage. And I really feel we'll be more careful about respecting our storage solutions going forward. One goal of mine is to be conscientious about tidying up thoroughly after completing projects. (I've been working on maintaining this practice in my craft area too.)

Good news is, one car will be making it into the garage this winter! Dare I hope for two?

Questions for you

Could your garage use some new shelving or storage solutions? Could your garage entry door use new paint? What else is on your list of household to-dos or weekend warrior projects?

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Garage Entry Door Paint and Trim Makeover & Garage Storage Solutions


  1. It looks very attractive and efficient!

  2. What a huge difference Joann! You and Lou certainly are a great team!

    1. I feel like any change would have been an improvement, haha. But thank you so much! I'm happy you like it. :)