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About My Dad Free Father's Day Printable Keepsake Worksheet

About My Dad Free Father's Day Printable Keepsake Worksheet

Father's Day is a good time to get cutesy with gifts, cards and activities. This About My Dad free printable definitely falls into the cutesy category. I intentionally designed the activity sheet with very open-ended starter statements because I love the creativity (and wild abandonment) that kids bring to their art and activities. I can just imagine the adorable, amusing sentences they'll come up with.

The other great thing about printable Father's Day crafts, besides the fact that they make lovely gifts, is that they occupy your children for a good period of time. After all, occupying children is a the major goal for parents in the early years. If your child's responses come quickly, have them colour in the stars and the heart too!

About My Dad Free Father's Day Printable Keepsake Worksheet

This printable for dad works for children from ages two to 10 or so, but each child is different so their interest may vary. It would be lovely to fill out the worksheet each year and store the pages in a keepsake binder or scrapbook to show how your child's responses change over time. If you want to start right from birth, mom could fill it out for baby as a gift on that special first Father's Day.

When my kids were younger, my husband and I loved the handmade gifts they brought home from school for Father's Day and Mother's Day. We always appreciated that their teachers incorporated these activities into busy school days. (Believe me, you miss those gifts when the kids get older and stop making them.) As such, I think this printable would work well as an easy Father's Day activity for teachers to share in the classroom. It also works well as a homeschool activity for Father's Day.

About My Dad Free Father's Day Printable Keepsake Worksheet

Father's Day gift ideas can be hard to come by. I have struggled over the years to find gifts for my dad, my father-in-law and my husband. A free printable worksheet like this one adds a special, personalized touch to your gift - even if it happens to be a striped tie or a bucket full of beer. (Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.) Breakfast in bed is always a good idea - include the filled-out printable worksheet on a tray with Dad's pancakes. This free printable works well for dad birthdays too.

The best Father's Day gifts come from the heart. It's a cliche, yes, but it's true.

Download the About My Dad free Father's Day printable

Get the About My Dad printable.

Easy Father's Day Cards

Head over to this post for ideas to make your own easy Father's Day cards.

I hope you find the Father's Day printable activity sheet useful. If your child fills it out, I'd love to see it. Tag me or message me on Instagram or Facebook with the results!

Questions for you

Do you go all in with cheesy gifts on special occasions like Father's Day? Do you like to give handmade crafts or store-bought goodies?

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About My Dad Free Father's Day Printable Keepsake Worksheet

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