Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Let's start this week's WIAW with donuts, shall we? I mean, who doesn't love donuts? Actually I first shared this picture on Instagram and a couple of people commented that they're not big donut fans. Who would have guessed?

What I love about these particular donuts is that they are vegan donuts. I got them at my fave annual event, the Toronto Veg Food Fest, this past weekend. These donuts are from Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co. They are big, chewy donuts with a lovely texture. I liked the sweet toppings, but I would have liked to taste a little more sweet in the donuts themselves.

And now on we go to a day of vegan eats. My tummy problems that I mentioned in last week's post have continued. On this particular day, I started with a cup of decaf green tea, because I really didn't want to think about food all that much.

I got hungry mid-morning though, and opted for a couple of Nature's Path waffles with grapes and strawberries and a decaf coffee with coconut creamer.

I have been chugging back Bio-K's fermented rice (non-dairy) blueberry probiotic all week, hoping that some good bacteria might correct whatever is amiss with my digestion. (I've been to the doctor and for blood tests today too! She tells me that the gall bladder can become an issue in your forties. Oh joy.)

Lunch was leftover chickpea and rice soup. I think I'll probably go full on into soup season soon, even though we are still experiencing some very warm days.

For dinner, my husband made this Mexican rice. I could eat lots more of that. Nothing offensive to the digestive system about it. Plus it's tasty! We also had French fries and burritos with black beans, guacamole and salsa.

What have you been munching on this week?

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  2. Who doesn't like donuts?! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some vegan ones.
    It's actually been getting kind of cold in northern Colorado, so soup sounds pretty good.