Thursday, September 15, 2016

10 Inexpensive Ideas To Prep Your Home For The Holidays (with Groupon Coupons)

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Saving money is in my blood. I come from the kind of home where large quantities of toilet paper and cans of soup (purchased at a discount, naturally) are piled high in the basement. I carry on that tradition. Just visit my fruit cellar on a typical day and you'll see - it looks like I'm preparing for a disaster!

When you have a desire to save money, planning ahead is key. That's why I'm hoping to get a head start on my holiday preparations this year. Like right now. I'm not ready to turn on the Christmas music yet, but it certainly can't hurt to start tasks like organizing and beautifying the guest room. Wouldn't it be nice if your guests arrived to find a clean, welcoming room with fresh, new bedding and a tray of goodies?

I have purchased Groupons for special discounts on photo books, yummy restaurant meals and even knitting classes. But did you know that Groupon offers coupons? Groupon Coupons get you discounts on footwear, your fave Target finds and even your tall, decaf, coconut milk latte at Starbucks (helps me get through a big shopping expedition). There are deals and promo codes you can use right from your phone (rendering my partitioned Martha Stewart coupon file folder irrelevant).

Groupon Coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond just might be your best holiday helper. Look for items such as shiny new cookware and crisp, floral sheets.  But be sure to get your new find at 20% off. My recent search of Groupon Coupons revealed 120 savings possibilities at Bed Bath & Beyond alone.

Here are my ideas for things you can do right now to prepare for the busy holiday season:

10 Inexpensive Ways To Prep Your Home for The Holidays

  • Update a bathroom with a few bright, cheerful towels.
  • Wrangle cosmetics and give yourself more counter space using an inexpensive plastic cosmetic organizer. Or - even cheaper - use mason jars to store cosmetic brushes, eye liners and mascara.
  • Add a wooden pedestal bowl full of fresh potpourri to your bathroom or foyer to greet visitors with a fresh scent.
  • Purge at least 5 excess items each week until the holidays.
  • Donate coats and jackets that are no longer useful. Move off-season jackets to another closet or trunk to make space for visitors' coats in the foyer closet.
  • Get sturdy, matching hangers for coats.
  • Put a shoe rack in a hall closet or mud room to reduce clutter inside your front door. While you're at it, a couple of baskets for mittens and hats couldn't hurt either.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Even if you haven't had the time or resources to do that big reno you've been wanting, your guests will appreciate a clean and tidy home. (And so will you!)
  • Add a pretty rug to your kitchen to draw attention away from a less-than-perfect floor. (Or prep for all that cooking and baking with an under-foot comfort mat.)
  • If a new set of dishes isn't in the budget, brighten your table with a new tablecloth. I love to have tablecloths that reflect each season.

Realistically we are always shopping for something - new shoes for the kids, gifts for kids' birthday parties, beauty products and new toys for the dogs (Ace has chewed and destroyed every single one of his toys.) And then there's that toilet paper. The need is never-ending. Let's agree not to pay full price, okay?

What are your tips for preparing for the holidays on a budget?


  1. I agree about rugs....we have hardwoods, but there are spots that are worn or lightly damaged, and anyway rugs add such a nice touch of color and comfort.

    1. Yes, we have hardwood in the kitchen too, but we use rugs around high-traffic spots like the sink, stove and fridge. :)

  2. I have to admit, I did not know that this was available on Groupon. I really should sit down and take a good look at the site!

  3. I've heard of Groupon, but didn't know they have coupons! I must check it out! and I want to start with the "purge at least 5 excess items each week until the holidays"!!

  4. I have never used groupon before. I love the rug idea! These are great tips. Thank you for sharing them!

  5. I too have never tried GroupOn. You have gotten some great items.

  6. I, too, have used Groupon for trying restaurants and some purchases (such as a necklace watch) but I did not know about coupons. I will be checking them out. My only concern about Groupon is that, being in a border city, the majority of deals are in the US. Coupons are likely to be the same.

  7. Love your tips! I'm definitely going to check out Groupon!

  8. I love the idea to add wooden pedestal bowl full of fresh potpourri. Apple spice scent would be festive.

  9. I have the under-foot comfort mat & it is the best thing I bought for standing in the kitchen. I really should do the shoe rack idea as we have a ton of shoe clutter.