Friday, August 7, 2015

9 Etsy Finds That Pay Tribute To The Mighty Lion

It's my birthday month and my zodiac sign is Leo (the lion). In addition, many in the world are mourning Cecil the lion, the second protected lion killed by a U.S. hunter this year in Zimbabwe. I can't fathom the kind of mind that sees a beautiful creature like that and thinks, "I'm going to mount his head over my fireplace." So here are some alternative ways, found on Etsy, of displaying the majestic lion in our homes and on our persons.

The only kind of stuffed lion I want on display in my house, a handcrafted one like this adorable  Lalylala Loni the lion. There are no words for how cute this is.

How fun and fashionable are these lion rings?

Something for the kiddies - a sweet lion mask for Halloween or for just hanging out.

 I usually can't think of anything I want for my birthday, but I would be happy to get this pretty leo zodiac pendant, handmade in Virginia.

Hand crocheted using acrylic yarn, this lion pillow pal is sure to please any child (or their mom).

Yes this non-toxic, handmade wood lion puzzle would be great for a child, but I think it would also be pretty cool as a decorative item on a side table.

Lovin' this watercolour lion poster for a kid's room, family room or fun home office.

I just think this lion tank top is so friggin' cute!

Back to school looks a little more fun with this cool lion backpack.

Let's treat our animal friends with kindness by honouring them in a suitable manner, shall we? Do you have any animal-related jewelry or decorative items in your home?

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  1. I can't understand the mentality behind "big game" hunters. It is just a rich man's delusion of grandeur and self indulgent ego that results in the death of majestic animals and it is truly tragic. Your kind of "hunting" for etsy treasures is much better!

  2. What great ways to honour these majestic creatures.