Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday, Father's Day edition

Happy Wednesday! The kids are in school for just one more day, so I'm busy trying to organize the house. I figure if we start off clean there may be some small hope that I can keep things tidy...for a couple of days anyway. We are holding a family meeting to begin summer vacation, because mama needs to discuss how people need to tidy up after themselves - I think a chores chart may be in order too!

But right now I'm supposed to be discussing food. This plate above represents the Father's Day brunch I put together on Sunday. My husband had his on a tray in bed, and it looked much nicer than this, but this is the plate I sat down with. Vegan blueberry pancakes, scrambled tofu with mushrooms and salsa, Yves veggie sausage, strawberries and peanut butter banana muffins.

For Father's Day dinner, I made a salad topped with carrots, roasted chickpeas (from a bag), cucumbers, orange pepper slices and dried fruits.

I also made one of my husband's favourite dishes - the tofu stroganoff from Isa Does It. Nothing fancy, but it tastes really good!

Now for a full day of eats. I started off Monday with some leftover peanut butter banana muffins and a handful of grapes.

I had leftover tofu stroganoff for lunch.

I was still hungry after that, so I had some pita chips and Snapea Crisps with hummus and salsa...and more grapes.

For dinner, my husband barbecued some Gardein veggie burgers and potatoes. We also had some cauliflower, boiled and topped with olive oil and vinegar.

I felt like barbecue food called for trying out this Steigl Radler grapefruit beer that was sitting in the fridge. I'm not a beer drinker, but this definitely works for me. It has a really nice citrus flavour. I'm sure I also had some snack in the evening too that I forgot to photograph - probably some form of chocolate. Is it bad that I can't remember? I probably just shoved it into my mouth without thinking.

On Tuesday, I used the leftover barbecued potatoes in a tofu scramble, along with some onions, baby kale and mushrooms, plus tamari and nutritional yeast for flavour. I would have liked to have more today, but I fear my husband took it to work with him.

What did you eat for Father's Day?

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