Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our VHS Collection & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #39

I'm afraid I am guilty of adding to my VHS collection long after it was sensible to do so. But I would spot a great movie for just 50 cents or a buck at a library sale or a thrift store and I couldn't resist! As I'm now midway through the second month of my 4-month purge, I spent some time on Sunday going through our VHS collection.

Far from being easy to part with these relics, I just wanted to sit down for the day and watch movies. Remember how great Gene Hackman was in Mississippi Burning? Oh, and Wonder Boys is the perfect movie for a glum and rainy day. Although I did end up purging quite a few tapes (38 to be exact), I also re-worked my entertainment shelves to put some of my favourites on display. We still have two VCRs after all!

Do you have VHS tapes left? And does anybody have any idea how to discard the blank VHS tapes that you've recorded shows on?

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  1. Good job on purging. I have a pile of VHS tapes to get rid of that we recorded things on. There are people who make things out of the tape. I was going to crochet something out of it and then read it wasn't great to handle the tape. Have a great week!

  2. 38 tapes is a great amount, they take up so much space! I got rid of lots of kids movies (I paid about 90c each). Right now I have my dad's entire collection of Star Trek The Next Generation and watching them with my son then giving them away. I can't believe someone wants them, they take up an entire bookshelf!

  3. I have lots of VHS tapes that I love! My grandchildren are now watching the same movies on VHS that my children watched. I don't think our DVD movies will last that long!

  4. I have lots of VHS tapes but our player doesn't work well. I got rid of quite a few but some I don't want to part with.

  5. Oh goodness, I purged VHS a decade ago when I saw how vastly improved dvd quality was. Then I purged DVDs five years ago when blu-rays knocked those out of the water. Now I mostly watch streaming video LOL

  6. Our VHS tapes have been long gone, I did save a couple of Disney ones that the kids had, but I don't know what for, we have no machine!!!!

    Good luck with your decluttering!!!

  7. we totally have a vcr and we love watching old movies on it! They crackle and sputter and show their wear which is cool. To me it's cool, it annoys other people I'm sure! Thanks for the link up! and for linking up!