Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Vegan Falafel With Tahini Sauce

Happy Wednesday! Food, lovely food! Why do we think about it so much? Sometimes it's with excitement - like when we're checking out a new restaurant. Sometimes it's with dread - what am I going to make for dinner? We could all eat food just to survive but instead we've made something wonderful and seductive about it.

My What I Ate Wednesday food highlights from the week begin with this falafel sandwich that my husband made on Sunday (in between my son's basketball games). He used Casbah falafel mix to make the falafels themselves. (You rehydrate the mix with water, form balls and then fry them in oil.) It has pretty good ingredients and the end result is tasty. We also put on canned beet slices, lettuce, pickles (a necessity!), hummus and a tahini sauce. It make a quick, filling and fairly healthy lunch (except for the fried in oil part maybe).

Spaghetti with Tofu Meatballs

I can't say we made anything unusual this week. It's still freezing outside and we are mainly sticking to familiar comfort foods, like this spaghetti with homemade sauce and tofu meatballs. This picture shows my next-day lunch leftovers. I also had a leftover slice of pizza with vegan cheese shreds.

Banana Berry Yonanas and fruit for breakfast

My Tuesday day of eats began with a lot of fruit. I prepared pineapple and grapes for the kids' lunches, munching on the fruit as I went. Then I made myself a bowl of bananas, cherries, strawberries and raspberries processed in my Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, which has been getting daily (sometimes twice-daily) use around here these last few weeks. It turns fruit into a delectable ice cream-like dessert (that you can enjoy even at breakfast!).

Vegan Tofu Stroganoff From Isa Does It

Lunch was leftover tofu stroganoff. When it's refrigerated, the cashew-based sauce kind of dries up a bit. That's why it doesn't look smooth in the picture. Still delicious though. One of my favourite recipes from Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week. It's an awesome cookbook for anybody who wants to explore meat-free recipes.

Vegan Poutine with Daiya Cheddar and Mozzarella Shreds

In the evening, the family had manicotti for dinner. Since I don't eat cheese, I took it as an opportunity to have vegan poutine for dinner. I was craving a giant plate of fries, smothered in Daiya cheese shreds and this simple vegan gravy. As you can see, I put a bunch of broccoli on the side so I wouldn't feel guilty.

Sunny Peach Salad with California Cling Peaches

I got more fruit into my diet with this Sunny Peach Salad featuring canned California peaches, avocados, beets, baby spinach, pecans and an olive oil vinaigrette. It's a great option for when you are short on fresh fruit. Or anytime really.

Have you been eating much fruit lately?

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  1. Oh everything looks so delicious! I love me some pasta as comfort food! Thank for sharing your WIAW with us!

    1. Thank you so much! I so love pasta too... ;)

  2. Oh good job on the falafel Jo's hubby they look yummy

    Love you

  3. tofu stroganoff sounds wonderful...also i need to look into that falafel.

  4. I think I might give the tofu stroganoff another go with the family. I love it but nobody else liked it, which sucks because it's such a good family meal. Love the falafel wrap! My son has just started eating falafel so I'll have to sneak some hummus in when I use the sandwich press ;)

    1. Yes, keep trying! My little girl wouldn't eat stuff like the stroganoff for the longest time and now she does. Hooray! The boy on the other hand... Well, at least I have one of them eating it. ;) Jo