Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday, March Break Edition

This being our March Break week, we spent the past weekend and the early part of the week visiting family. And eating with family. This What I Ate Wednesday I'm looking at some of the foods we consumed during our visits. There were moments when I forgot to take photos though. For one thing, I was hungry. For another thing, watching two sometimes-naughty dogs in unfamiliar (to them) territory is distracting.

At my sister-in-law's house, we were treated to a lovely brunch, some of which is pictured above - including pancakes, peppermint tea, breakfast potatoes and a fruit platter. Yum.

As my mother-in-law lives in a house attached to that of my sister-in-law, dinner on the night before our lovely brunch had been an Italian feast (one of those times I neglected to take a picture). I had these leftovers for dinner the next day - pasta, breaded and fried tofu and my mother-in-law's special veggie balls.

From there we moved on to my parents' house. Whenever we visit them, we have lunch at The Minga in the nearby town of Dunnville. It's the town's only vegetarian restaurant. Everything is healthy, organic when possible and also tasty. My daughter lunched on vegetable noodle soup with a savoury scone on the side. I had my "usual" quinoa and roasted veggie wrap with hummus. Mom, hubby and my son all had the falafel sandwich with a side of soup.

I have a tendency to plan our travels around food. So, on our way home from my parents' house, I insisted we stop at Kelly's Bake Shoppe in Burlington for some vegan and gluten-free desserts. My husband and I chose cupcakes while the kids went for mile high brownies. I sampled a bit of each one though and they were all delicious.

We're back at home now and it's time to cook for ourselves. I suspect we'll be taking it pretty easy. Stuff like this fried rice with baked tofu that I made just before the weekend.

Do you plan your travels around food too?

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  1. Oh my god Jo everything looks so yummy, and by the way tell you sister in law that I love her china especially the teapot.

  2. The fruit platter at your sister in laws house is gorgeous. I love how it's plated and the same goes for your rice bowl. I made one this weekend and while delicious it looks nowhere near as good as yours.

    1. Thank you! You are so kind! (My father-in-law grabbed a grapefruit slice while I was taking the photo and didn't even notice. It was quite funny!)

  3. Those desserts look fabulous!!

  4. How lucky are you that your mother in law makes veggie balls?! I get nothing but veggie flak from the inlaws ;)

    1. That is hilarious! Yes, I'm quite blessed. :)

  5. The fresh fruit looks pretty good right now. :) I love the tea set!

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