Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday, Extreme Cold Edition

How's everyone doing? I, like many others, am trying not to sink into a pit of misery, given this unrelenting, bone-chillingly cold weather. I'm surprised I haven't packed on 20 pounds this winter, because all I want to do is sit around and eat by the fireplace.

How well I eat depends on what groceries we have in the house. This little pasta meal, above, is one of my desperation lunches. Not much in the house at all calls for sautéing frozen veggies and chickpeas, adding a bit of fresh asparagus and some leftover cooked pasta and dressing it up with a little bit of Bragg's liquid aminos. Oh, and I usually throw in some minced garlic. That helps. It's surprisingly good actually.

We had our usual Shrove Tuesday meal this past week - vegan pancakes with money in them being the main course. I only put coins in the first two pancakes for each child, so they are extra-cautious with those ones. It's lots of fun for the kiddos. I had my pancakes sans coins and with blueberries.

Another night's dinner was a vegetarian cutlet baked with tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese shreds and served over spaghetti. The kids love this meal too.

I made chocolate chip cookie bars for the family to consume while watching the Oscars on Sunday. The next day I had a chocolate chip bar for breakfast. And didn't feel bad about it. Cuz that's what winter does to me. I guess I felt a bit guilty, because I threw that strawberry on the side to make it look healthy.

For lunch I had leftover rapini pizza that my husband had made the night before. It was super yummy, and I didn't bother serving it with anything at all, including salad. There's rapini on it after all!

A couple of nights ago, I made my favourite pink pasta sauce from Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen. In order to keep the family from complaining about the fact that we were having pasta AGAIN, I served it over gnocchi. They always like that. My son did say it would be better with a different sauce though. I don't really care to be honest. (There's that winter mood again.)

Be sure to check out my new recipe for Moist & Delicious Vegan Carrot Cake, added on the blog this week. It's a lovely, healthy dessert to serve with a hot beverage on a cold day. I think I ate about half that cake that you see pictured above.

And, if you are hankering for a vegan, gluten-free treat, enter to win a copy of the dessert-filled cookbook Sweet Eats for All.

How's winter treating you? (Or whatever season you are in at the moment.)

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  1. that 'emergency pasta' looks great! When my sister and I lived together we had a cupboard with 'emergency food' though we rarely touched it in no-dinner emergencies because it was that whole scraping the bottom of the barrel thing. But your pasta is way out of that league!

    1. Well thank you! :) Some desperate days just really call for restaurant food instead of what's in the cupboard too!

  2. That vegetarian cutlet served over spaghetti looks awesome :)

  3. Cold and gray here in Houston - I made a vegan cauliflower and apple soup last night that warmed us up. A bit.

  4. It all looks really good... You make me hungry for healthy food. :) I will definitely check out your carrot cake (yum)!

    1. That's a wonderful compliment Wendy! Thank you. :)