Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

We have had some crazy weather here these past couple of days. We got our new patio conversation set out on the deck just in time for rain! Oh well, better days ahead. Here's a Wednesday look at some of the foods we've been eating this week, starting with these "Omaha Yakisoba" noodles, made from a recipe in Isa Does It. I rarely make recipes with cabbage (too lazy to shred it) so this took me nicely out of my comfort zone. It features red cabbage, broccoli and corn.

We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday because my son had a soccer tournament scheduled for early on Sunday. We had strawberries, raspberries, veggie sausage and vegan pancakes for breakfast.

Of course, daddy had his on a tray in bed. Which was nice...except when a fight broke out over who got to carry the tray.

We shopped for patio furniture most of the day. It's hard to find nice, affordable patio sets. Anyway, we picked up Chinese food on the way home to celebrate Father's Day. We get the same order pretty much every time - fried rice, tofu in garlic sauce and vegetable lo mein.

We also stopped at the liquor store, because, well, those kids did not enjoy shopping for patio furniture and they made sure we knew it. I bought Guinness for daddy and vodka for me. I made the Strawberry Vodka Cocktail from this post. It was tasty. The fresh lemon juice and strawberries made it feel a bit more wholesome than those nasty, coloured store-bought mixes. The first time I made it, I strained it so it was free of chunks. The second time, I let some of the mushed strawberries sneak through and it was delicious!

Lately I have been back to having peanut butter and jam on toast for breakfast. Not very exciting. I also munch on whatever fruit I'm cutting up for the kids' school lunches. On this particular day, it was strawberries and pineapple.

I am continuing to buy tons of bananas, because the kids and I really like our Yonanas treats. It feels like we're having ice cream, but it's all fruit.

With outdoor soccer starting, these little guys are my constant friends. I keep bars, like these from Taste of Nature and The Simply Bar, in my purse in case I get feeling snacky.

I haven't kept the fridge all that well stocked this week. So yesterday I had few lunch options. I stir-fried some frozen veggies, tofu, garlic and left-over spaghetti. I seasoned it with Bragg's Liquid Aminos and olive oil. Made in desperation, but yummy nevertheless.

What have you been eating and enjoying this week?

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  1. Carla and I were checking out the Yonanas machine on the weekend, I am still deciding, my husband says it's a fad appliance, but the desserts look so good!

    I've bought a couple of boxes of Taste of Nature bars at Costco, last time I tried The True to Nature ones, I don't think they're as tasty!

    1. I get why your husband is reluctant, because I have bought some wasted machines myself. But we use the Yonanas regularly. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Yes, the Taste of Nature bars are good quality. :)

  2. Mmm look at all those bananas!! Yum! The Father's Day breakfast look sooo yummy too! And so does the takeout. I've never had takeout before!!

    1. Thanks Leigha! No takeout? I didn't realize there were people who hadn't eaten takeout. ;) You must eat very healthy! :)


  3. Great eats! Those pancakes look so delicious!

    1. Thanks Kimmy. There's just something so tantalizing about pancakes, isn't there? :)