Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

We are once again midway through the week and I'm taking a look back at some of the meals I have eaten lately. I'll keep my complaining brief - there's a cold weather warning here today and it feels like spring may never come. Malaise has set in. There, I'm done. Except to say, this kind of winter-should-be-over-by-now feeling calls for easy meals. But then I also say summer heat calls for easy meals! I guess I just like easy meals!

One day for lunch I went old school and just threw some fake turkey slices on a bun with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. I added sliced strawberries on the side because...well, strawberries are awesome.

Another day's lunch was black bean and vegan cheese quesadillas with guacamole and salsa. We also had tofu fried in Bragg Liquid Aminos (kinda like soy sauce but healthier).

One day when I was really desperate I found a little package of curried potatoes and chickpeas in the cupboard. I heated it up over some brown rice and quinoa mix.

We had roasted veggies and tofu for dinner one night. I always love a good roasted veg in the winter. My husband also made garlic noodles - basically you just fry up a whole bunch of minced garlic in olive oil and then throw the noodles in there. I added some of the aforementioned Bragg Liquid Aminos for more flavour.

I have grown tired of toast for breakfast and perhaps my hibernating body is calling out for fresh fruit, because I often crave oranges lately, even though they make my eyes itch when I have them. This was my breakfast this morning - a blood orange, a sliced banana and sliced strawberries.

I have eaten more than my fair share of cookies this week too. My excuse is I was reviewing Sweets from the Earth products for the blog. Oh the sacrifices I make!

If you are Canadian, you can enter to win a whole bunch of yummy, vegan Sweets from the Earth products for yourself here on the blog.

What are you craving lately?

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  1. That all looks good to me :) We have our first day of autumn tomorrow so my mind is turning towards self saucing puddings (even though I shouldn't be eating them)...

    1. Thanks. :) I'm not sure what a self saucing pudding is but it sounds yum! And I love fall - perfect weather!

  2. It all looks amazing to me :) Seriously, even your "threw it together" items look delicious :)

  3. I want those cookies! Must have those cookies!