Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Yes, just one week to Christmas. I confess I still have presents to buy, a menu to plan, groceries to be bought and rooms to be cleaned! But I'm not nervous. Why ruin Christmas worrying about silly things? (Okay, I'm a little nervous.)

But I digress. It's What I Ate Wednesday. I have been craving citrus fruit recently - and fruit in general. Probably as a result of this dismal winter weather (and it's not even really considered winter yet - that's a bit of a joke in these parts.)

One day for lunch I had this lovely leftover chickpea/tomato/pickle/onion salad on a warmed naan bread spread with hummus.

Another day I made a panini for lunch with Daiya vegan mozzarella shreds and tomato slices. I threw some chips on the side, just because I felt like a naughty little reminder of the seventies.

Tuesday's meals began with a breakfast of my fave vegan banana chocolate chip bread. And decaf green tea. That's it.

Lunch was all kinds of leftover burrito fillings stuffed in a wrap - refried beans, peppers and tofu, rice, broccoli - whatever I could find in the fridge went in there.

For dinner, I made a simple fried rice with frozen peas and corn and vegan sausage. Actually, first I stir-fried a bunch of frozen veggies, but the veggie mix had a lot of that veggie that smells like pee. Do you know the one? I think it's taro root? My son said the kitchen stunk like pee. Anyway, that went in the garbage. Not the most creative or filling of dinners, but hey, it happens.

What did your menu look like this week?

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  1. Jo that leftover chickpea salad looks really yummy. I love pickles but wonder what all the ingredients taste like together?

    Love You

  2. Vegan sausage?? I'm trying to figure out how....

  3. Still looks good to me! Ha ha about the pee veggies!

  4. Ive been craving fruits also. Raspberries & blackberries

  5. This is making me hungry... I want chickpeas and warm naan bread followed by that banana chocolate chip bread.

    1. I feel like going out and buying some more naan bread too actually - it's so nice when it's warmed up! :)

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