Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Give a Unique Gift This Holiday Season

If you're looking for an extraordinary gift for a loved one, nothing beats an unforgettable life experience. That's why I love this idea - IfOnly is a marketplace that sells experiences rather than products. They can connect you with the world's top talents, so you can make an amazing dish with a Michelin-starred chef, meet your favorite musician before a concert or have your tennis swing analyzed by Andre Agassi's coach.

IfOnly offers members unique and memorable experiences with top luminaries in the fields of food, wine, golf and more. Special personalized items are also available. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from every sale on IfOnly goes to a non-profit of the luminary's choosing. Prices on the site range from a digital badge for $1 to a golf getaway with a master of the game for $200,000.

If money were no object, I personally would choose the meet and greet with Chris Cornell. I'm sure my husband would love the Soundgarden hand-signed Gibson guitar! They also have a great section of autographed cookbooks for the food lover. Or create your dream experience and bid on it - you can bid for experiences with celebrities like Justin Bieber (my niece would love this one), Bruno Mars (hello my kids) and Mike Tyson (you could really get creative with that one!)

Want to know more? Check out 10 of the most unique gifts for the holidays! Or shop now with IfOnly and get free upgraded shipping until December 19th.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! My daughter, the aspiring chef, would love the recipe of the month-- I think that one may be under our tree this year! You have the best affiliates, I'm jealous!

    1. That sounds like a fun gift. I hope one of my kids wants to be a chef. ;)

  2. What a great idea for a unique gift! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Sounds very cool - going to check it out.


  4. IfOnly sounds extremely cool... I, too, would like a meet and greet with Chris Cornell (sooooo hot).


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