Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

I find that November is such a busy time, with the kids in sports and dance activities, my attempts to plan, shop and clean early for Christmas and my work on the holiday gift guide for this here blog. All of this is to say that I have not been putting the optimum amount of effort into meals lately.

Still, I believe you can eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen. For a quick meal one day recently, we enjoyed vegan fajitas filled with faux chicken, a rice/quinoa mix (pre-cooked in a bag from Costco), refried beans (from a can) and stir-fried peppers.

I bought a packaged curried lentil soup at the health food store one day and had some for lunch with baba ganoush and tortilla chips.

I haven't had canned soup for a long time, because it generally has beef broth or dairy in it. But I found a Baxter's canned potato soup that has no dairy and tastes pretty good. I had it for lunch one day with rice chips and hummus.

Monday's day of eats started with a breakfast of warmed naan bread with hummus. I tend to stick with conventional breakfasts but my son was having this and it looked so good I copied him.

Monday lunch was vegetarian chili left over from my brother-in-law's Grey Cup party. (I'm not a sports fan by the way, but I was born and raised in Hamilton and I really wanted the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to win for my dad's sake. He has been a fan since he moved to Hamilton from Nova Scotia over 40 years ago.)

For dinner, I had yummy broccoli pizza. Lots of it. I just can't get enough. No sauce or cheese needed. I just steam the broccoli first with lots of minced garlic, olive oil and salt. I put some olive oil and garlic powder on the prepared dough before adding the broccoli too. (Oh, and I got a giant bag of pre-cut broccoli at Costco.)

It looks like I didn't eat that much on Monday. That could be why I inhaled these Cleo's vegan, gluten-free peanut butter cups in the evening. They were good!

What have you been eating lately? Any tips for eating healthy on the run?

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  1. Hi Joann! Just finding your blog through WIAW and love all of your eats. I'm a vegetarian too so they look pretty similar to mine. I always have hummus on hand- it's one of my favorite snacks!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting. :) Hummus is the best - great for kids and adults! We almost always have some in the fridge here too. :)

  2. I'm yet to make your lentils and rice, now I'll have to your broccoli pizzas to my list!

    1. You just have to make lentils and rice and let me know what you think!! :)

  3. EVERY time I see one of your What I Ate posts I am inspired :) You make such amazing looking dishes - no matter how simple or complex they are!

    1. Thank you so much! That's really the best thing anybody could say to me! If I can inspire people even a little bit I'm thrilled. :)


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