Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday - on the road

We returned from our weekend trip to Niagara Falls on Sunday night. Monday evening I was off to the SheBlogs conference at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. Since my family was dropping me off at the hotel, I figured it was a great time to use the Groupon I purchased for Sadie's Diner recently.

I had never tried the restaurant before, but I was attracted to the menu of vegan and vegetarian comfort foods. We started off with this amazingly delicious vegan poutine.

My son is skeptical about anything with vegan cheese, so we also ordered regular fries for the kids. Guess who loved the vegan poutine? Yes, the boy.

I had a cajun tofu quesadilla. I will definitely be making this at home. And I will definitely be returning to Sadie's Diner.

Now for my Tuesday day of eats. I packed a bunch of snacks in my suitcase "just in case" - New Moon Kitchen cookies, Sahale cashew snacks, organic fruit leathers and Envirokidz peanut choco granola bars. I started off my Tuesday with a PROBAR.

While the other bloggers visited the buffet for lunch, I was given a special vegan pasta. The veggies were good but the tomatoes tasted like they were fresh out of the can. We also went out for dinner as a big group. I was given a stirfry with vegetables and rice (not pictured), as well as strawberry sorbet for dessert.

I was also careful to pack an extra special treat for my rare but wonderful solitary overnight adventure - Surf Sweets organic jelly beans. I downed most of the bag while watching movies on Netflix on my laptop.

After a few drinks with my new, lovely blogging friends last night, I was sure to down some Emergen-C this morning. I highly recommend it pre- and post-alcohol consumption. It's also great when you feel a cold coming on.

What is your favourite alone-time snack?

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  1. Vegan poutine!? That's brilliant! When we were in Canada everyone had poutine at Harvey's except me - I did have a veggie burger though - it was awesome!

    1. I had never had poutine before. This was delicious and I figure easy to make. Just mushroom gravy with some shredded Daiya cheese. Yum!

      Harvey's veggie burgers are my favourite! :)

  2. Oooooh! Great looking meals! We have a GREAT vegan burger joint here in my neck of the woods that makes an AMAZING poutine with Daiya - it's sinfully good :)

    1. Thank you! Yum, a vegan burger joint! I would try them all if I could. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Every time I see the poutine, I get hungry too! ;)