Friday, September 13, 2013

Insta-Friday in real life

What did people do to record their special moments before cameras were invented? Scrolls, cave drawings, paintings? Frankly I'm glad it's so easy to photograph our family events and activities. Although I do sometimes go overboard. But then I have this blog as an excuse.

This Insta-Friday is not entirely "Insta." I am mixing photos from my cell phone camera and my Nikon camera, because I carried both of them around with me this week. I recorded two fun days, starting with a visit to the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival on Sunday (above).

My daughter got a last-minute invite to a friend's house and she was quite happy to ditch us. That's okay, it's nice to spend a day with the boy without acting as referee between him and his sister. Here are the boy and his dad in front of the CN Tower.

The festival takes place at Toronto's Harbourfront. It was a sunny but not-too-warm day, perfect for hanging at the lakefront.

There was lots to see and of course eat. Lunch is the best part.

Seeing so many people enjoying the water really made me want to get a boat.

Tuesday was another good day. My sister came by for a visit. First on her list is always a thrift store visit. Actually, first on her list was braiding my hair. She then gave herself the same hairstyle so we kind of looked like dorks.

My sister searches the thrift shops very thoroughly. You can't plan much else for that day if you're going shopping with her.

Except for all-you-can-eat sushi, of course. We were so hungry from shopping we played around with my cell phone cam to distract ourselves for the few minutes we had to wait for the food to arrive.

Check out my sister's necklace. She got that at the thrift store. I wanted it. But she didn't give in. She usually does. Maybe she'll grow tired of it and change her mind. Are you reading this, Nancy?

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful visit with your sister. Love her new necklace, and totally agree that she should give it to you. ;)

    1. We did have a nice visit, just the girls. ;) Thank you. You are so right Julee. She SHOULD give the necklace to me. ;)

  2. It's a lot of fun to go thrift shopping with family and friends, one of my friends looks at boardgames too and we've wanted the same things before. My husband said we should play the game in the store and the winner gets to keep it. Your photos are great and I love your son's hat :)

    1. I like your husband's idea. We should have had some sort of necklace challenge. ;)

      Thank you dear! :)

  3. I'm like your sister....I need to see everything before I leave a thrift store! For the first time in almost fifty years I live close to two of my three sisters and we often go thrifting together. I really enjoyed seeing your shopping trip!

    1. I'm pretty thorough, but not quite like her! I get hungry. ;)

      That's great that you get to shop with two of your sisters. Those are special moments. :)

  4. Love the matching braids! And the pictures of Toronto harbour front make me miss it all the more.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

    1. Thanks Kate!

      Luckily you have some pretty great scenery to take in yourself. :)

      Have a wonderful weekend too!


  5. Beautiful photos, as always! I LOVE how you find such beauty in the simple every day! :)

  6. Ah the city, I miss being close to a major metropolis-- so many things to do! And the visit with your sis looks like a fun time had by all. You must continue to bring your camera thrifting so that I might browse vicariously!

  7. I think that since your sister made you look like dorks (your description!!), she should give you the necklace. Still, it looks like a lot of fun was had by your family! Wendy