Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

There are weeks when I take lots of food photos and then weeks when I take few. This past week was the latter, I'm afraid.

Sometimes I'm just plain hungry and I have my dinner all eaten before I remember my dear camera, which generally sits smack in the middle of the kitchen counter. If I put it away I only have to go get it out again, after all. Anyway, for this What I Ate Wednesday, I'm sharing the photos I did manage to take, like this one, above. This is last night's dinner of Tofu Mexicali Scramble on tortillas.

I noticed when I was shopping for my weekly menu plan that I had put down three different tofu recipes this week. I love tofu, but I also like variety. This was a mistake, but I'm sticking with it anyway.

We had tofu on Saturday, too, when my husband made penne, tomato sauce and tofu balls. As you can see, I was so eager to eat them I didn't try to make it look pretty in any way!

On Sunday, we had barbecue. Tofu again! Portobello mushrooms, zucchini and peppers too. With a side of quinoa. I love bbq season, especially since my husband does the barbecuing.

I received a Snackbox this week. I'll soon be reviewing the service, but I wanted to show a couple of the snacks I sampled here. I'm late to the party on these SeaSnax I think. My kids said other kids often bring them to school. The living is a little fancier now than when I was a kid! Anyway, I wasn't big on them, but my son loved them, which is almost better in my opinion, because there are plenty of healthy snacks I like. Him not so much.

My husband and I both loved these RW Garcia curry dippers though. I found them addictive. We never did get to dipping them.

Did you enjoy any special snacks this week?

Beagle on The Loose

Little Miss Jolene

This is completely off-topic, but what do you do when you see a dog wandering down the street? My husband and I were walking our beagle mix, Jolene, this morning, when we saw a little beagle just strolling down the sidewalk. We were right in front of our house, so I asked my husband to put Jolene inside and grab another leash. In the meantime,  I found out that the little (clearly very old) cutie had a tag with her address and phone number on it. Perfect!

By the time we had the leash on her, a man was getting out of his car saying, "She's mine." Shortly after, his wife and two children came hurrying down the street. The kids had left the gate in the backyard open. As the man said, beagles are "tail up, nose to the ground." They just keep on going.

When we first adopted Jolene (in other words, she wasn't at all bonded to us) she managed to get loose in a large park full of kids playing soccer games. As I chased her through the park and eventually into the street, I called for people to grab her. Nobody did. They just stared at me like I was a crazy person. Eventually I got hold of her (by the train tracks!), but I almost had a heart attack first.

I guess the moral of my story is put your address on your dog's tag...and, if you see Jolene running down the street, please grab her.

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  1. Little Miss Jolene looks super cute to the Camera <3
    Love the Tofu Balls ... nom nom :)


  2. Grilled veggies are my absolute fave, so glad I can cook em up all summer long.

    1. Me too Natalie!! Veggies are great when cooked nicely. :0

  3. looks so good and what a cute dog!!!

  4. Yummy, I'm terrible about photographing what we eat too... although there are lots of food photos on my blog, there are so many meals that just get gobbled up. I guess we eat a lot! :)

    I always find dog tags a nuisance, but they really are important. I can't imagine losing a pet!

    1. Sometimes mama's hungry. What can you do? ;)

      I have had three dogs in my life, all of them runners. (Is that a bad sign?) We lost them MANY times and luckily got them back!!

  5. I like your menu plan - gives me plenty of ideas! and I'm a cat person - but I should still put at least my phone number on their collar. Or maybe even start with putting a collar on them! xx
    Join our $150 dress giveaway!

    1. My husband is a cat person too, but we don't have one at the moment. When we did, she was afraid of the outdoors, so we didn't have to worry about her too much. :)

  6. We live out by cow pastures near a college-- we get lots of lost animals, & we get a lot of abandoned animals. We always do our best catch 'em & either turn them over to owners or bring them to the shelter (and we've actually adopted a cat that way too).
    And I'm so with you on barbecue season- we had vegetarian deconstructed shish kabobs last night-- so many yummies!!

    1. That happens to my sister-in-law (out in the country) too. The animals (or the humans who dumped them maybe) couldn't pick a better place, because she is a sucker for a lost animal. She has kept a couple. ;) I'm glad the animals have you looking out for them too! :)

  7. I would totally have this for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner :)

  8. your version of mexican food looks much healthier than mine. :-) i love your blog!


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