Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday, Cape Cod edition

Yes, I am doing What I Ate Wednesday on Thursday. We have no Internet access at the moment (or should I say for the past three days) at the cottage we rented in Cape Cod. I am now hanging with a bunch of people outside the (closed) West Yarmouth library, poaching their Internet.

Gotta make this quick. Highlights from this week of food. Eating and travelling can be difficult. The Holiday Inn Express in Albany provided free jelly beans. The kids (okay and I too) enjoyed those and the free breakfast of biscuits, pancakes, etc. I am maintaining my dairy-free status, but finding it impossible to go light on the wheat on this vacation. While I didn't indulge in the breakfast items, I have gone for wheat items since then.

We bought several grocery items at Trader Joe's in Hyannis. I enjoyed touring a new grocery store. We made up this fruit plate back at the cottage.

We also made this stir fry with pre-cut veggies, tofu and rice noodles in a soy/teriyaki sauce.

I enjoyed this vegan burrito at El Mundo restaurant in Provincetown.

Breakfast. I brought these oats from the health food store at home. Delicious dried cranberries from Trader Joe's.

In this land of seafood, I was thrilled to find Box Office Cafe and its selection of vegan pizzas with Daiya cheese. I went for this one with the curly fries and veggie burgers on top!


  1. You are lucky to be staying in Cape Cod!I am envious!Love Trader Joe's! It's a fun shopping experience...that's for sure! Have a wonderful time! Angie xo

  2. Mmm I adore veggie burritos! Can't wait to hear more of your trip when you are back to the land of the internets lol

  3. Mmm, that fruit and pizza look delicious! Enjoy Cape Cod- it's such a beautiful place.

  4. Ah, vacation food! So tasty and so bad for you! But you have plenty of healthy mixed in, too. And I LOVE Trader Joes :)

  5. That pizza looks...weird...but strangely yum! Enjoy your vacation!

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