Thursday, March 1, 2012

Like an ancient queen

This is a view of my backyard this morning.

March is here and it seems winter has decided to stay around for a while, having arrived rather late this year.

I turned to Dorothy Harrington’s sweet little poetry book Little Things for inspiration today, and found this charming poem that looks at the brighter side of March.

March Evening
What do I care though the cold winds blow,
For here before my fire
I reign supreme, like an ancient queen,
With my radio for lyre.
And at my feet, in bliss complete,
Sits my son in Arthur’s Court;
While on the mat, chewing a hat,
Lies our dear old Collie—Sport.
The room is warm, the lamp glows soft,
All here are so contented
The maddening winds beat on my door
With fury quite demented.

I love this picture of simpler times, when the radio was the only foreign sound in a room, and children were entertained by their imaginations.
I hope you have some time this March evening to sit before a fire, reigning as queen or king of your household.

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