Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What’s for lunch?

“Not everything that is more difficult is more meritorious.”—St. Thomas Aquinas

I believe that this particular philosophy applies nicely to lunch. A lunchtime meal should be simple to prepare, but just as delicious and satisfying as a more complex dinner.
Sometimes it is dinner, re-heated the next day. Those are my favourite lunches—a nice warm meal with almost no effort at all.

On those days when leftovers are not available, I sometimes turn to my panini press. Whether you prepare a sandwich using bread, a bun, a pita or whatever else you have around, the panini press makes any kind of sandwich feel a little fancier.

Yesterday, I decided to make my lunchtime sandwich using a wheat-free tortilla, as I am still keeping up the cleanse (except for one delicious encounter with maki sushi made with tempura veggies inside). My stomach is feeling good, so I am sticking to lots of fruit, veggies, legumes and rice, along with dairy-free chocolate and spelt flour goodies for treats.

My sandwich was a whatever-is-in-the-fridge kind of a deal. It happened to be mushrooms, peppers, tomato, avocado, spinach and some Daiya vegan cheddar cheese. I am not a big fan of vegan cheese, but I decided to give this a second chance, and I found that it was pretty good. It did actually melt, and acted as the “glue” to keep the ingredients together.
I topped it off with a little fine sea salt and some pepper and it was good to go.
Next time, I would like to add some hummus or maybe some pureed black beans.
What are you having for lunch? 


  1. I've been wanting a panini press for a long time. Definitely need to get on that. =]

    1. It is kind of fun. Takes up some room in the kitchen though! I think I have reached my gadget limit :)