Friday, February 24, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life

As I write this, the snow is coming down outside. Just when we thought winter was over. There's not too much accumulation yet, which makes me wonder why the school buses were cancelled today. My daughter insisted on going to school anyway, while my son was thrilled to be able to stay home.

 He and I took the dog for a walk, and enjoyed a brief episode of snow tubing before the dog took off from us and we had to chase her through park and then parking lot. If anyone has any dog training tips, I would love to hear them!
Anyway, here are some highlights from our last week, in cell phone photos.

Last weekend, my kids finally got to use the snow tube that my brother gave them for Christmas. I took a spin on it myself. It makes for a pretty smooth ride!

We followed up our tubing adventure with a visit to my mother-in-law and father-in-law, otherwise known as Nonna and Papa. They live about an hour and a half’s drive away. My sister-in-law and her family joined us, and the kids had a great time laughing and eating Nonna’s food together. My son was so happy to be with his “boy cousins,” since he doesn’t get to see them as often as he would like. My daughter also enjoyed seeing one of her beloved “girl cousins.”

My husband and I enjoyed seeing the whole gang, and, of course, eating Nonna’s food. We only told her we were coming a few hours before dinner time, so we offered to pick up some take-out. But, she would have none of that. I don’t know how she does it, but she had a whole big meal waiting for us. You can see in the pictures the ravioli and spaghetti that the others so enjoyed, the kamut penne that I had, and a dinner plate of: breaded and fried tofu, salad, cauliflower, asparagus and roasted potatoes. Nonna finished with a lovely fruit platter. We later had espresso or tea and a platter of chocolate chip bars that I made from a recipe in How it all Vegan.

On Tuesday, we had fun watching my son and his friends participate in a dribble, jump and shoot competition.

Tuesday was also Pancake Tuesday, and we made pancakes with money in them, as I mentioned earlier in the week.

On other nights, we tried a couple of new recipes, including quinoa with portobello mushrooms and zucchini.

I also made Hannah’s delicious Coconut Vodka Sauce and served it on penne with sides of baked tofu and broccoli with garlic, olive oil and salt.

You know I had to have some sweets too! Besides making my favourite banana bread and some yummy berry oat bars, I also made these berry muffins from a recipe in Vegan Brunch.

When all of this eating occasionally upsets my tummy, I turn to my tea drawer. (It was once a tea chest, but the increased varieties necessitated a tea drawer.) For real tummy emergencies, my go-to brand is this Traditional Medicinals Eater’s Digest tea. It just works somehow.
What did you eat this week? What’s your favourite type of tea? Drop me a comment if you get a chance. I love to hear from you!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. No snow tubing here! We do tube on the lake in the summer though. ;-) Your food looks SO YUMMY! I want to come eat at your house!

    1. Tubing on the lake sounds fun. You are welcome to come here to eat, if you can get here! :)

  2. oohh, look at all those teas! my fav is chai when i need a pick-me-up and chamomile when i'm sick

    1. I have been resisting the chai. I will have to try it!

  3. Your family eats good and so fun you live so close to family! What fun memories your kids will have of their cousins!

  4. Stopping by from InstaFriday! Great pics! All of the food pics are making my hungry. I love basketball so your son's competition sounds fun. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh man I am obsessed with herbal tea lately! I think my favourite kind would have to be peppermint. Ok. Now I want to go to the kitchen and make some. :P