Friday, February 10, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life

The weeks seem to fly by. Here’s another look at my family’s cell phone pictures from the past week.

The best weeks are full of little indulgences that make us feel good, aren’t they? A little food, a nice cup of tea, a fun project completed.

Speaking of making us feel good, we actually had a couple of days of sunshine this week. Quite a pick-me-up. Still, I’m not giving up the Vitamin D drops yet.

My sister-in-law and I went downtown to get our hair done, and we took advantage of the chance to get a little lunch at Kale, a vegan and organic eatery in Toronto. This is my plate of items selected from the buffet, along with a lovely pot of jasmine green tea.

This is my sister-in-law’s plate. The spelt flour perogies are cheese-free and surprisingly delicious. We love the simple, fresh food at this restaurant. It gave us a few ideas for stuff to make at home.

My daughter engaged us all in a contest one day this week. She set up a series of events, including indoor mini-golfing, mini hockey and juggling. Those boys didn’t have a chance. Not to brag, but I came away with seven points, my son had one and my husband got zero. I think the judge kind of favours me though. I never did get the candy promised on the sign-up board.

This is what my kitchen counter looks like on a typical day. I find it very distressing, yet every time I clear it off, it’s back again in a day. See that picture on the right where it looks like I cleaned up? Yep, I stuffed it all in a bag.

The organization experts tell us to develop storage systems in locations right where stuff tends to fall. That’s why we put this little basket on the wall above the kitchen counter. Doesn’t quite cut it, I’m afraid.

I finished my second knitting project, and I am quite proud of this lace scarf. It turns out it’s fun to create something like this instead of just buying it! I'm on the hunt for my next project now.

We had tofu again, of course, this time breaded in some spelt bread crumbs, nutritional yeast and herbs. I talked about easy lunches last week. Pictured above, middle, is one of my easiest lunches of all. When I’m really lazy, I throw some Food Should Taste Good crackers on a plate with some hummus and salsa, and go to town on it. These crackers are amazing—they really do taste good and they are vegan, free of gluten and high in fibre. On the right is garlic noodles, one of our favourite recipes from How it all Vegan.

Last night’s dinner was made up of my favourite easy and delicious recipe—lentils and rice—along with roasted portobello mushrooms and sweet potato fries (from a bag).
Thanks for all your votes for the Circle of Moms top vegetarian mom bloggers contest. I appreciate your support so much. I want to thank my "campaign manager"—my mom. Even with her horrendously slow dial-up Internet access, she makes sure to vote, and she has made a number of phone calls and Facebook requests to solicit votes. It seems a mother's job is never done. She also prints my blog entries so my dad can read them. He will never go near a computer! Hi Dad!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I can identify with your kitchen counter... I will win that battle! :)

  2. I want to come eat with you for a week! Your food looks delicious. Do the vitamin D drops help? Your knit project turned out great. I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

    1. We have good food days and bad food days. You would definitely be welcome to visit on a good food day if you were close enough. :) I find the vitamin D helps me. I actually notice the difference in my mood. I take about 4,000 iu a day in the winter (more than my doctor recommends). I know two people who take vitamin D supplements and still came up short when they were tested.

  3. Now I am hungry! Love the scarf. I don't know how to knit. :(

    1. Neither did I until recently. I took an intro to knitting class, and, when I forget things, I look up videos on YouTube. This was a great project, easy enough but with a little bit of a challenge for a newbie.

  4. Yum! All that food looks great, especially the garlic noodles! :)

  5. That's a very impressive scarf for a second project! When I began, I was still stuck on straight garter stitch for a good dozen projects, at least...

    1. For that, I am so grateful to the two other moms at my daughter's ballet class who I worked with on this project. I would not have challenged myself to this extent without them. But, I really enjoyed doing the scarf.