Monday, January 23, 2012

A kick-starting cleanse

Okay, I admit it. Christmas is over.

I started making all kinds of sweets before Christmas and I have kept it up into the new year. My body has been protesting, so I have decided to kick my sluggish system into gear by doing a little bit of a cleanse. Yes, I am jumping on that bandwagon.
I am not totally giving up sugar—don’t get crazy now. And, I am not doing any fasting—what joy is there in a life without food? I am simply staying away from wheat and dairy. I am not going totally gluten-free—I am still enjoying spelt and kamut flours and pastas. I, like many people, find they are easier to tolerate than regular wheat products.

I am also cleansing my system with twice-daily “shakes” (they are really too disgusting to be called that) made from water, 2 tsp powdered psyllium husks, 2 tsp bentonite clay and a little bit of cranberry juice.
Here’s a look at the menu I enjoyed on the first day of my cleanse. It was really easy and didn’t require more work than usual.

My breakfast is basically the same every day, either oats or quick quinoa flakes (pictured).

Quick cooking steel cut oats with fresh blueberries, sliced banana, 1 tbsp ground flax and vanilla almond milk
1 tsp Natural Calm magnesium supplement dissolved in warm water

1 tsp apple cider vinegar (to calm my stomach)

Buckwheat sweet potato noodles with gluten-free teriyaki sauce
Sol Original veggie burger with organic ketchup (no bun)

½ package Emergen-C vitamin C supplement in water

My daughter wasn’t feeling well, and had a craving for pancakes, so:
Spelt flour banana blueberry flax pancakes with Earth Balance margarine and maple syrup
Scrambled eggs

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Lundberg Farms Sante Fe Barbecue rice chips
Traditional Medicinals Eater’s Digest tea (the best tea ever for digestive issues)

Add to that lots of water and some vitamin D (because we aren’t getting any sun right about now)
Anybody else cleansing? I’d love to hear your plan.

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