Friday, January 13, 2012

Insta-Friday in real life

Here’s another look at our week in cell phone photos. It was back-to-school week, which means my husband took his cell phone with him. I still managed to snap a few photos though.

The kids transitioned back to school surprisingly well, except for one night when my son couldn’t sleep and he kept waking everyone else up. He kept coming to me saying, “I can’t sleep. What should I do?” How about lying down and closing your eyes…please. The next night, he was good and tired.

My husband decided to make a board for his guitar pedals. Apparently it’s cheaper than buying one. That motivated the children to make something as well.

My daughter chose a cross. Sweet.

My son chose a sword. Probably a bad parenting move.

My sister and her family came to visit last weekend. You think you can find a bargain? You haven’t met my sister. She should make it her job somehow.

She told me Friday night that she wanted to visit our local liquidation store the next day. Okay. We spent a couple of hours there on Saturday. I bought this Umbra jewellery stand for $1 (okay I bought two) and decided to use it for my measuring spoons. I hate digging around in the drawer for them when I’m baking something. I also bought these little bowls for $5. They are easier to use than the larger bowls that came with my dishes.

 My sister gave my son this cool retro-looking Spiderman hat. Cost her 99 cents.

 She also gave my daughter a hat and some cute gloves.

My sister gave me this sign as part of my Christmas present. Makes me feel a little better about all of the laundry I have to do every week. 

I made this carrot cake from How it All Vegan. I like to bake it in a Bundt pan to fancy it up a bit, then dust some icing sugar on top for sweetness.

 I made a yummy “Farmhouse Vegetable Soup” from Vegan Planet—the kind where you throw in basically any vegetable you have.

Today was “fashion disaster” day at my kids' school. My daughter put together this outfit. She still looks pretty darn cute.

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  1. I used to have a pair of gloves with the faces and the hair when I was a kid... they bring back such fun memories!! And that soup looks incredibly yummy - I may have to make a giant pot for myself. :)

  2. I just LOVE thrifty finds! The bowls are great. Your veggie soup looks yummy.

  3. Cute gloves & hats!! Hooray on the thrifty finds, so need! Yummmmy soup, its a good day for it here!

    Happy Friday!

  4. No lie- as I was baking some banana bread this morning I was digging around for my measuring spoons about to LOSE my ever livin' mind. I need a tree like that!!!

  5. That's so funny, Sherry. Often I have the baking mix on my hands when I'm looking for the spoons, so I am messing up other stuff in the drawer too!

  6. Tell your sister I want to go shopping with her! The bowls you found are super cute and the soup looks delicious.

    I use Picnik to make photo collages. You can send me an email if you have trouble figuring it out.