Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cooking Skinny Bitch Style

I bought another cookbook. What can I say…it’s an addiction. This one has been well worth the expense, though. I bought it a few weeks ago and I have already made several of the recipes, some of them more than once.

It’s called Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook, by Kim Barnouin. I also have a copy of Skinny Bitch In the Kitch, which I picked up at a library book sale, but I never warmed to it. Something about all of the intentional swearing and the use of fake meats turned me off. But, I have so enjoyed this newer book that I might just give the other a second chance.
First, I want to say I don’t think there is anything particularly “skinny” about the recipes. But they are healthy, and they use mainly whole foods that are already on my shopping list. (I don’t know if almond milk is on your shopping list, buy hey, give it a try if it isn’t! ) I hate nothing more than a long list of hard-to-find (and expensive ) ingredients.

Butternut Squash Soup with Poppy Seeds
I did do some planning after I bought this book, though. I picked out a number of recipes from it and then shopped for the whole week.  Having a clear plan sure makes it easier when it’s time to cook.
Barnouin’s Banana and Cinnamon Muffins offer a new and delicious twist on the vegan banana muffin, with a crunchy topping that makes them look nice for company. Next time I’m going to make sure there is some company around when I make them, because they are best eaten the first day. The Coconut Banana French Toast was sweet and tasty, and my son said it tasted like “deep fried banana tempura.” He also liked the Coconut- and Almond-Crusted Tofu, which he called a “treat.” I have also made the Pumpkin Pecan Banana Bread (pictured at top). It was so yummy, I made it again (minus the pecans, so the kids could take some to school).

Coconut- and Almond-Crusted Tofu
with mango salsa
I am looking forward to trying the Spaghetti with Spinach in a White Wine Garlic Sauce and the Strawberry Cupcakes. If only someone could make them for me…

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  1. How funny! I have often walked past that book wondering what it was really about:) Thanks!