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17 Delicious Homemade Vegan Copycat Chocolate Bar Recipes for Valentine's Day

17 Delicious Homemade Vegan Copycat Chocolate BarsMake your partner or BFF one of these 17 delicious homemade vegan chocolate bar recipes for a unique and tasty treat this (Galentine's or) Valentine's Day!

I always think a healthy, homemade chocolate bar is preferable to a store-bought treat. That's not to say I don't buy store-bought treats, or that store-bought chocolate bars don't have a place in a balanced, happy lifestyle! It's just nice to know what ingredients are in your snacks and desserts, and keep them as natural as possible a good portion of the time. 

Healthy or not healthy aside, if you are a vegan or dairy-free eater by choice or necessity, often it's easier to make your own chocolate treats at home. Store-bought vegan chocolate bars in particular can be expensive and difficult to find.

It's surprisingly easy to whip together your own dairy-free vegan chocolate bars at home. Just take a look at the 17 recipes I've gathered here (with the permission of some expert vegan recipe creators). Whether your old childhood favourite chocolate bar was an Almond Joy bar, a Twix or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, you can produce your own vegan copycat version at home by following these easy recipes.  

Many of these chocolate bar and chocolate confection recipes are also gluten-free. As long as you source your ingredients carefully, those with gluten allergies or intolerances can enjoy a tasty, homemade, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate bar as well!

4-Ingredient Homemade Mounds Bars (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo)

4-Ingredient Homemade Mounds Bars (Gluten-Free, Paleo) by Strength and Sunshine

Recipe creator Rebecca's copycat coconut and chocolate "Mounds" bar is gluten-free, vegan, paleo, top-8 allergy-free and much healthier - without the junk, but still delicious! Recipe for healthy chocolate right this way. And with just four easy ingredients!

Healthy Homemade Almond Joy Candy Bars (Gluten-Free, Paleo) by Sprouting Zen

If you always chose Almond Joy over Mounds, this is the homemade vegan candy bar for you! You get the same delicious coconut foundation, but with the addition of tasty almonds. Dairy-free and just as delicious!

Vegan Twix Bars (Gluten-Free) by Spabettie

Recipe creator Kristina says making a gluten-free vegan Twix chocolate bar is easier than you think! These homemade, dairy-free Twix candy bars are made up of buttery shortbread cookies, rich caramel and a chocolate coating. They look incredible, and I think they would make an impressive Valentine's Day gift!

Vegan Twix Bars by Rhian's Recipes

I have included two vegan Twix chocolate bar recipes here because they call for very different ingredients, and if you're like me you like to bake with the recipe ingredients you have on hand already. The caramel in this innovative vegan chocolate bar recipe is made with cashews and almond butter!

These homemade dairy-free peppermint patties would make a tasty and refreshing ending to a special Valentine's Day meal. Unlike the store-bought variety, these peppermint patties are free of corn, dairy, egg, and soy. And these little pockets of goodness are surprisingly easy to make!

Homemade Vegan Chocolate Bars (Paleo) by Pink Fortitude

These homemade dairy-free chocolate bars are easy to make, offer a healthier alternative to store-bought chocolate bars and are a great treat for kids and adults alike! This recipe is a good foundational vegan chocolate bar - you can add dried fruits, seeds, nuts or whatever other ingredients you wish to create the easy vegan homemade chocolate bar of your dreams!

Peanut-Free "Peanut Butter" Cups (Gluten-Free) by Pink Fortitude

This recipe is in the style of a traditional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but it’s peanut-free, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free and made with minimal sugar. Recipe creator Holly once interned at the Reese's plant, so she knows what she's doing!

If you do want real peanut butter in your peanut butter and chocolate treats, these no-bake peanut butter chocolate bars from recipe creator Liv taste like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but with less processed ingredients and dark chocolate for a healthier treat. Choose maple syrup and dairy-free chocolate from the ingredient options for a fully vegan recipe.

Chocolate Strawberry Cups (Gluten-Free, Paleo) by Bakerita

For an alternative to the classic peanut butter and chocolate cup, recipe creator Rachel offers these gorgeous chocolate strawberry cups, with a creamy strawberry and coconut butter filling encased in homemade chocolate. The homemade vegan chocolate shell calls for just three ingredients, and is free of refined sugar. It’s made with a combination of coconut oil, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. The filling is coconut butter combined with powdered, freeze-dried strawberries! A healthier switch from store-bought chocolate.

Vegan Snickers Bars by Rhian's Recipes

I confess Snickers were always one of my favourite chocolate bars growing up. This vegan copycat version also boasts chewy nougat, gooey caramel and crunchy peanuts coated in silky chocolate. Recipe creator Rhian promises they are rich and indulgent and perfectly salty-sweet! These vegan chocolate bars are also refined sugar free, gluten-free, relatively healthy and easy to make. The recipe incorporates whole foods like cashews and dates!

Here's another vegan version of my old fave Snickers bar, this time with ice cream! With peanut butter, maple syrup, peanuts, caramel sauce and, of course, ice cream (dairy-free naturally), these bars are sure to impress your Valentine. These homemade chocolate treats will no doubt be requested regularly!

Raw Caramel Slice (No Bake Chocolate Treat) (Gluten-Free) by Nutriciously

How about a rich and decadent no-bake dessert that’s totally whole food plant-based? This raw caramel slice boasts a dark chocolate topping, almond cookie base and a creamy date caramel centre. Recipe creator Alena promises this delicious caramel and chocolate bar will make you forget about unhealthy sweet treats from the first bite!

Flourless Brownie Bars (a la Lara Bars) by Home-Cooked Roots

All you need for these homemade chocolate brownie bars is a food processor and nine ingredients. These vegan chocolate goodies are chocolatey, gooey, rich and much healthier than your average brownie! Recipe creator Nicolette says they remind her of store-bought Lara bars, and they have the same healthy foundation of dates and nuts. A nourishing, whole foods treat for your health-conscious friends (or you!).

Recipe creator Melissa says these healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars are a cross between Rice Krispie treats and Nutty Buddy Bars, but you can eat these without the guilt. And who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter together? Especially with crispy rice cereal! Agreed.

Maybe your Valentine prefers white chocolate? Fortunately there's a homemade vegan version of that too! You can make these white chocolate treats in a chocolate bar mould or muffin cup, but these heart-shaped goodies are perfect for Valentine's Day, no? This easy vegan chocolate bar recipe calls for a small handful of ingredients and is so easy to make!

What could be better than a dairy-free homemade peanut butter cup? A Hello Kitty peanut butter cup obviously! This chocolate recipe calls for just seven ingredients (including salt). The recipe is also easy to make, and you can use any mould you have available (although it's all too tempting to buy the Hello Kitty mould!).

Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Balls (like Ferrero Rocher) by Wholehearted Eats

Recipe creator Sophie promises a whole foods version of your favourite chocolate hazelnut treats. This recipe for healthy chocolate does indeed sound incredible - with hazelnuts, Medjool dates and cocoa powder, you get a Nutella-like chocolate goodie that's completely dairy-free!

Questions for you

Which of these homemade vegan copycat chocolate bars is calling out to you the most? What was your favourite chocolate bar growing up?

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