Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What I Ate Wednesday (A Day of Vegan Eats)

We are blissfully snow-free here at the moment. Let's hope it lasts! The kids are on spring break next week and I'm hoping for little to no snow and "warm," sunny days. Cross your fingers. Foodwise, we'll be in need of lots of snacks next week. My daughter has always been a grazer. She basically eats about every 20 minutes. We're either going to have to do a good shop at Costco or bake up a bunch of treats. (I prefer the latter, but we shall see.)

In terms of meals this past week, we've kept it pretty simple (as usual). This rice dish, above, is a perfect example of what I tend to eat when I have no leftover meals for lunch. I did have leftover cooked rice and roasted asparagus, so I turned it into a stir-fry, with the addition of frozen mixed veggies, baby spinach, Bragg's liquid soy seasoning and nutritional yeast. It's a tasty lunch that cooks up in about five minutes.

Before I bombard you with more photos of my oatmeal breakfasts, I wanted to show you that I do occasionally have something else for breakfast. When I'm craving something different, I'll throw a bagel in the toaster and top it with good old peanut butter and jam. Mostly I buy bagels for the kids though.

And so we move to the oatmeal. I tend to eat it drowned in soy milk, as above. Usually I photograph it pre-soy milk because it's just prettier.

One day, in search of different toppings for my oatmeal, I added the usual fruit and raisins plus a small handful of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. (My son came shopping with me this week, and the Cheerios were his choice. At 15, he's not super impressed with my food choices.)

Now for a full day of vegan eats. I started the day with -  you guessed it - oatmeal. On this occasion I topped my cooked oatmeal with cut-up medjool dates and shredded coconut, along with the usual berries and maple syrup.

We had friends over for dinner on the weekend. My lunch was leftovers from their visit - potato pizza that my husband made, sesame noodles and lentils and rice.

I also made my favourite easy vegan brownies for their visit. The recipe is from a very fun vegan cookbook - Vegan Junk Food: 225 Sinful Snacks that are Good for the Soul. It makes a huge pan of brownies but they were all gone in about 24 hours anyway. So I made another pan. I had a couple for my afternoon snack on this day. I added walnuts to the first batch (which I loved) but my daughter insisted I omit them from the second batch. My son seconded her choice. "Who puts walnuts in brownies?" he asked. "Adults," I told him.

Dinner was my fave easy vegan chili. I showed it to you last week too. What can I say? It's easy to make and it went over well with the whole family, so I made it again. Sometimes you gotta stick with winners.

What are the winners in your home? Do you have snow right now? Are you going to have a spring break? How will you spend it?

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  1. Everything looks so tasty! I need to get back into oats. It was always so hot in San Diego that I never made them!

    1. I can understand that. I wouldn't mind switching to smoothies if I could access some of that heat!