Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Book Club Brunch and What I Ate Wednesday (A Day of Vegan Eats)

As I said in this post about our last book club meeting, the book club that I enjoy with my sister-in-law Connie and our friend Sarah is mainly about food and conversation. It's just great, girls-only fun and time to catch up on each other's recent activities. We eat a vegan brunch and all of our goodies are made with spelt flour.

We didn't actually read a book. Previously we decided to meet more regularly, even if we couldn't all read the same book in time. I put A Passage To India on the table for our meeting though, as a kind of ceremonial book, because we had all read it years ago. Connie hosted this meeting, and made a beautiful fruit salad, above. You can also see the fried breakfast potatoes I made. Those are a tradition at our meetings.

Sarah made berry muffins and a delicious tofu scramble. Connie made chocolate chip cookies and I made a lemon poppyseed cake.We go heavy on the baked goods for our meetings, clearly.

We always have scones. They are probably the single most important menu item in my opinion. And we pair all these goodies with a nice cup of tea.

Here's a look at my lemon poppyseed bundt cake, before it was cut. The cake recipe comes from The Garden of Vegan: How It All Vegan Again!, one of my fave cookbooks and one that all three of us often use to prepare for our book club meetings. I topped the cake with an icing sugar glaze, made simply by adding non-dairy milk to icing sugar. Looking at these photos, I sure do hope we have a book club meeting again really soon! Yum!

Now for a What I Ate Wednesday look at some other food highlights from the week. My husband made banana bread on the weekend (from this recipe). Usually I make the banana bread, so it was a nice change to have someone else prepare it.

He also made this vegan chili on the weekend. We served it with rice, guacamole and baguette slices.

I made the cauliflower and broccoli Buddha Bowl from the Oh She Glows app one evening. It's very simple to prepare, as well as being tasty and healthy.

A Day of Vegan Eats:


I'm still having oatmeal topped with fruit most days, but on this particular day I had a muesli round with peanut butter and jam, plus banana slices and fresh blueberries. And decaf green tea. Always the tea.


Lunch was leftover spaghettini with tomato sauce. Not so exciting looking, but tasty.


I bought a box of peanut butter cookies this week and I like to munch on a couple now and then (again with a cup of tea).


I had my favourite easy lentils and rice for dinner, along with a few Yves quinoa bites dipped in hummus. We also had a vegetable slaw salad, but I didn't get a pic.

Also not pictured: me munching on red and white jelly beans and other candy. I bought candy "props" for a Valentine's Day DIY post that will be up on the blog tomorrow. I ate a bunch while I was taking pictures and I gotta say my tummy hurt a bit later. Moderation is needed.

Questions for you

Do you attend book club meetings? What's on the menu for your meetings, if anything? Have you been munching on any Valentine's candy yet? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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  1. Well if this dons't look absolutely picturesque! Lovely spread. I have never been a part of a book club but I would want this served if I was!

    1. Haha, it's all about the food! Thanks Patrick.

  2. OooH! The selection looks wonderful!