Monday, August 28, 2017

A Vintage Style Dress For Summer & Fall

I don't often wear dresses. Chalk it up to laziness (you have to shave your legs) and a lack of dressy yet comfortable shoes in my closet. But - as we're out and about more in summer and early fall - I like to have a dress or two at the ready - pieces that are comfy, versatile and easy to wear.

I have several dresses from and I really like them all. eShakti sells unique, vintage style clothing for women in a range of sizes (0-36W) or in a custom fit. My latest eShakti dress is this black and white contrast banded stripe cotton knit belted dress. Let me tell you why I love this dress.

This dress is:

  • custom-sized (using measurements I submitted with my order)
  • custom-styled (I opted to modify the sleeves and the neckline)
  • stretchy so it's comfortable and I don't have any trouble getting it on and off
  • flattering (with a belt above the muffin top and a flared skirt underneath)
Here's the online version, so you can see the difference between my dress and the original:

I chose shorter sleeves and a scoop neck. (I really like the original design too, but I wanted to show you guys how you can easily customize eShakti dresses.) The original is a bit dressier, I think. Mine is great for casual summer outings to restaurants and outdoor markets.

I chose a dress with stretchy fabric because I have large shoulders and I sometimes have difficulty getting dresses and shirts off. Just ask my friend Gillian. We used to go shopping on our lunch hour from work and she had to rescue me from shirts in the change room a couple of times! Poor girl. Some eShakti dresses are zippered up the side, but not all the way to the arm pit. That might not be enough to get my body out of there! Read the description carefully before you buy.

I also have a thing about high necklines. I feel like they're choking me. Apparently it's genetic because my mom has the same problem and she says her mom did too. That's the great thing about eShakti. If you absolutely love a dress, but it has a high neckline, you can simply choose a different neckline.

Also, when you choose a custom-sized dress, you submit your height, so you get the proper length of sleeve and skirt. That's handy if you're more petite or taller than average.

Do you like vintage style dresses? Do you wear dresses often or only on special occasions?

New Customers Get $25 Off

eShakti is a women's fashion company, with tops, skirts, pants and dresses for work, everyday and special occasions. The clothing is made in India by workers ages 18 and over. You can read more about eShakti's labour practices here.

Here's a great deal for new customers - get $25 OFF your first order at*

*Be sure to consult the shipping page to see what fees and duties you may pay in your country.

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  1. This dress looks amazing on you❤️Love

  2. You look absolutely wonderful. I love the customization that you did and prefer your style of dress to the one featured on their site.

  3. Oh,i do love this dress and it hangs so nice.You look fantastic it`s very nice on you !

  4. Leslie:
    You look great in your new dress. It is flattering. Kudos on the choice of shoe with it.

  5. cute dress! it looks great on you! I never wear dresses. I don't have the confidence to pull them off.

  6. The dress looks great on you! I also prefer your version of this dress.

  7. I love the vintage style dress on you. I love vintage but don't always wear it. I very rarely wear dresses. For me it is a comfort thing. I am more of a pant and dress top kind of girl.

  8. It may be a vintage dress, but it certainly doesn't look it. I feel like that's a very popular style right now that I've seen in lots of stores... thus making your vintage dress quite in vogue! :)

  9. I like the dress, because it would be great for a lot of occasions. I like the short sleeves. I agree with you re the need for different shoes when wearing a dress, hense the reason pants are my favourite mode of dress

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