Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What I Ate Wednesday

Cooking hasn't been a high priority around here lately. For one, it's summer. Who wants to cook in summer? For another thing, we have been decluttering, decluttering and decluttering. We have lots to get rid of and I have to say it feels good to see things go. We are hoping that, by the end of summer, the house will look much more free of stuff. In the meantime, meal prep has to be as easy as possible.

Super easy on the scale from difficult to super easy is ordering Chinese takeout, above. This place had vegan "chicken" in sauce and faux shrimp. I wasn't a big fan of the gelatinous texture of the shrimp but the faux chicken was nice.

This Simple Summer Rice Salad, a new recipe on the blog this week, isn't as easy as takeout, but it's pretty simple, doesn't require a hot stove (if you cook the rice in a rice cooker) and makes a big batch, so you can snack on it for a couple of days.

Also new on the blog since my last posted What I Ate Wednesday, these Strawberry No-jitos take a bit more effort than pouring a glass of spritzer, but the effort is worth it, because these family-friendly, alcohol-free drinks boast the flavour of strawberries, lemon juice and mint.

Starting off my look at a day of vegan eats, I had these vegan Morning Glory Muffins a couple of times for breakfast recently. As muffins go, they make for a filling breakfast because they are packed with ingredients like carrots, raisins and walnuts.

For lunch on this particular day, I had a barbecued tofu sandwich with lettuce and a sriracha/vegan mayonnaise spread.

Dinner (on a decluttering day) was sesame noodle salad and portobello mushrooms grilled on the barbecue (both made by my husband).

Do you have some home cleaning/renovating/decluttering projects to work on this summer? Do you tend to eat easy meals when you're doing work around the house or can you manage to make a full dinner too?

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  1. Your food looks so yummy! We just started Blue Apron meal delivery. Three vegetarian meals a week for two. That's Mark and I so I just have to make whatever specialized meals the kids want. I'm hoping it will help with the wild zoo-like atmosphere of meal time around here...

    1. Thank you! That sounds nice, having food delivered. I'd like to try a service, but there don't seem to be any vegan-friendly ones that deliver around here. Maybe I could adapt the vegetarian dishes. Haha, zoo-like...I know exactly what you mean! Good luck!

  2. yum! And the never ending decluttering continues here too. At least my kids are much better with letting things go now so it's not as bad!

    1. The two of us are always decluttering huh? One day we might actually be "done." Maybe? My daughter is great at letting things go now. She's pretty much the only one of us though. ;) I'm learning but it's a struggle.