Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday and My Strawberry Obsession

As I haven't done a What I Ate Wednesday post for a few weeks, I have some catching up to do. We made our annual visit to the strawberry farm recently. Each year we go to Spring View Farms in Uxbridge. It's a small farm with chemical-free strawberries (so I feel okay about eating them right in the strawberry patch!). The picking season lasts not much more than a week, so we have to hustle to get to Spring View before the strawberries are gone.

Every single time we go to the strawberry patch, I start googling rural properties for sale when we get home. So far I have resisted the urge to pick up and move, largely because we have so much stuff. Last time we moved, the giant truck was filled to overflowing. Like, literally, stuff fell out the doors when they opened them! Before I ever move again, I am purging, purging, purging!

Looks like my tendency to photograph anything and everything has carried over to the next generation. I gave my little girl my old Olympus camera when she expressed an interest in photography. The Olympus works well outdoors. It was just never good at focusing in low light (ie. indoors).

She took this photo of me in my Kiss Me I'm A Vegetarian shirt. Whenever you see me wearing a shirt with writing on it, you know my sister gave it to me. She is much more outgoing than I. I figured I was safe from random kisses in the strawberry patch though, haha.

It never occurred to me that people might smoke in the berry patch. But the sign has us covered anyway. As for the second part of the sign, I think I "tasted" more than a few berries. Oops.

Many hands make light work. It was steamy hot in the strawberry patch that day. I immediately felt my feet burning. So, yeah, I took a lot of photos while the family did the majority of the strawberry picking.

We always buy a good pile of strawberries. Then I get home and realize that I need to wash and use up all those strawberries before they rot. So I start with jam - usually two jars of easy, quick Breadmaker Strawberry Jam.

Then I always do a pan of these buttery, delish vegan strawberry muffins.

Finally, I make strawberry sorbet in the ice cream maker. It's basically like the jam but frozen. It's a natural, healthy, homemade treat. I freeze most of the rest of the strawberries for smoothies.

Then, when all of the strawberries are gone, I miss them. Because we're back to the store-bought variety that have usually travelled many miles from California. And they are much larger and have less taste. But they're still a yummy treat. Summer is synonymous with platters of fruit, no? I love when we have lots of fresh fruit in the house. I'll put together plates of fruit, like this combo of cherries, grapes, blueberries, kiwi, raspberries and strawberries. When the fruit is all washed and ready, you can be sure the family will dig in. This platter was cleared pretty darn quickly!

Now for a day of vegan eats. Breakfast is this bland coloured but tasty assortment of scrambled tofu with mushrooms, hashbrowns and homemade vegan oatmeal jam muffins.

For lunch, we have this vegan bowl of quinoa topped with a mix of tofu cubes, broccoli and mushrooms fried in olive oil and tamari. Plus grated carrots and fresh, sliced avocado. And a yummy peanut sauce. Easy and delicious. I want to make more simple dishes like this over the summer.

For dinner, we had burrito bowls. These packaged taco shells aren't healthy, but they are convenient and it's kind of fun to pile in all of your favourite fillings - in this case refried beans, tofu, onions, veggies, guacamole and tomatoes. We had mashed sweet potato and french fries on the side.

Have you been to the strawberry farm recently? What's your favourite recipe to make with strawberries.

A day of healthy, easy vegan eats! Vegan eating can be easy!

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  1. The thing that always strikes me about Vegan eats is that they are always so colorful. I love all the veggies and fruits and grains in this post. They look so good. I would love to go strawberry picking some time, but there's not a place really close to where we live. :) Sprouts sells pretty good strawberries in the summer! :)

    1. Thank you Emily! I love colourful food (all the colours of nature that is!) even more so if someone prepares it for me. ;) Too bad you don't have a strawberry farm nearby, but at least you have access to good strawberries. Enjoy!

  2. Oh my gosh I NEED That Kiss Me I'm a Vegetarian shirt!!! Haha that's too funny!

    1. Haha Liz. I have no clue where she would have gotten that. My sister finds the most unique tees.

  3. Local strawberries are amazing! I'd be tempted just to eat them all--I doubt any would survive for baking and or jam.
    That photo of your daughter kinda squinting at the camera is really cute--and a little sassy. Also, that blue sky!

    1. Nothing like the taste of a fresh-picked, local strawberry huh Joyce? When they are still warm off the plant they are incredible!

      Thank you - "cute and a little sassy" describes my daughter perfectly!

  4. Didn't get the chance to go strawberry picking this season, but we have a great supply of raspberries in our yard.

    1. Oh my goodness Laurie. That sounds amazing! Raspberries right in your yard! That's ideal because they are so fragile once picked. You can have a few at a time. Jealous over here. ;)