Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Asian Cat Tea Cups & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #69

When I go to the thrift store nowadays, I look for items that really speak to me - that invite an instant happy response. So how could I resist these sweet little Asian tea cups?  Just one look at these darling white reclining kitty cats and their little pink ears and you can't help but smile.

I have always loved teapots, tea cups and Chinese tea sets. I once had a collection of teapots going, but I had to stop because they are difficult to store. I rationalized adding these little cups to my cupboards because I figure that, besides being great for consuming a pot of jasmine green tea, they will also work well for holding soy sauce for sushi or plum sauce for dipping or whatever else requires a tiny "bowl." And those darn little cats just make me smile.

You know what else makes me smile? This guy, Ace, above. He watched me photograph the cat cups. (Did he want to chase them maybe? Or is he just wondering what the heck I'm doing?) I think he was just glad they weren't edible, because I have photographed recipes right in front of his face like that, sprinkling granola and chocolate chips and all sorts of tempting goodies on the table in front of him. And he stares at me with those incredible sad eyes, but never steals. Mind you, I haven't left the room completely. And I know my other dog, Jolene, would have the whole set-up knocked down and eaten in seconds if she was this close.

What kind of treasures bring a smile to your face?

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  1. The cups are very nice! And your dog is soooo sweet! Our dogs would definitely try to steal the food. One of them is more subtle in her attempts:), but the other one simply takes what he wants as soon as we turn our backs, he doesn't even seem aware that he is not aloud to steal :). So, we are always careful not to let food unattended :).

    1. Thank you! He is the sweetest little guy. He will stare into our eyes just like a person and he looks like he has something to ask. ;) I love my other dog too but she will take food right out of people's hands if they aren't paying attention!

  2. Hi Joann, thank you for Vintage Bliss. Loved seeing your sweet dog peeking at the cat teacups.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting Joy! :)

  3. The cups are adorable! I can see why they spoke to you. Have a great week!

    xo Dianne

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