Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Fave Thrifty Finds of 2015 & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #66

Thrifty & Vintage Gems of 2015 - my fave vintage, gifted and thrifted items and how I use them in my daily life #vintage #thrifty #thrifted #shopping #thriftstores #opshops

Thrift lovers unite in 2016! With 2015 behind us and surely more thrift shopping in our futures in 2016, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favourite items/posts of last year. It was interesting to examine my old posts and reflect on which thrifted and gifted items became favourites, brought joy and were just generally more useful. Of course there were other items that ended up kind of falling to the wayside. And that's just as telling, isn't it?

I highly recommend looking back at your old purchases to help you find better, more useful treasures going forward! It goes back to the advice of popular organization expert Marie Kondo - keep only those items that bring you joy. And each of the items pictured above gives me joy.

Thrifty & Vintage Gems of 2015 - my fave vintage, gifted and thrifted items and how I use them in my daily life #vintage #thrifty #thrifted #shopping #thriftstores #opshops
  1. Back in spring I got these lovely plates
  2. My sister gave me this beautiful blue and white soup tureen that I love using
  3. I added these lidded soup bowls to my cheery collection of orange flower vintage dishes
  4. I feel joy each time I see this owl pillow
  5. More lovely mismatched dishes to use for food photography
  6. And still more dishes and cutlery for food pics (can you tell I love plates?)
  7. There's just something about a little Pyrex dish filled with berries
  8. I reach for these little Asian bowls all the time (for miso soup, ice cream, sauces)
  9. Technically not received in 2015, but I did this post about my fave blankets that granny made
My thrift store road map for 2016 is steering me towards even more plates and accessories for food photos - clearly I never tire of them. More Pyrex is always welcome. And hopefully every so often I'll be able to go thrifting with my sister - because she visits different areas of the store and finds me great things, like that cute owl pillow and even clothes sometimes (because I am far too lazy to look through racks of clothing).

What does your 2016 thrifting road map look like?

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  1. Happy 2016 New Year Joann. Thank you for My Fave Thrifty Finds today. Love visiting and joining in. Great collage of your faves for 2015.

  2. Hey Jo I forgot about that pillow I found I'd like it back please lol, I would love to go thrifting with you soon but you seem to also get good scores without my help.

    1. The pillow is staying here. Sorry. ;) Let's go thrifting soon...

  3. I enjoyed seeing your fave finds. I need to go back and read mine.

    xo Dianne

  4. I really shouldn't pick up anything else from a charity shop! But that's unlikely to happen! Some things are just too good to resist!

  5. Happy New Year! Love the collage of vintage finds. The blue and white tureen is my favorite. Thanks for hosting.

    1. Happy New Year Donna! Thanks, I really like the tureen too!

  6. Love all your vintage finds. Thanks for hosting!

  7. Lots of great finds there, I couldn't pick a favourite!