Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Visit to The Christmas Tree Farm

The Christmas tree farm is an annual tradition for us, and it's one of my favourites. Actually this year we went to the Christmas tree farm twice. The first time was just for show - or more specifically a show. We visited MacPherson Tree Farm in Ballantrae seven weeks ago to be filmed for an Organic Panic Christmas special about organic versus non-organic Christmas decor. We got some strange looks back then as we headed home with a Christmas tree on the car roof. I just know people were thinking, "Do they really think that tree is going to last until Christmas?"

This past weekend we headed back to the Christmas tree farm fo real. This time we went to Horton Tree Farms' Kennedy farm east of Aurora, Ontario. We generally hit up the tree farm the first weekend in December, but end of  November is close enough! Apparently other people agreed because the place was hopping.

I think the wagon ride out to the forest is the best part. The kids might say the hot chocolate is the best part though.

Once we were out among the trees, a serious hunt started. I'm not gonna lie - there was quite a bit of arguing at that point. My son has picked the perfect tree a few years in a row so he was determined to keep the title of tree master. My daughter, on the other hand, wanted to take the title.

We rejected a few this one...

Poor little tree never got to fulfill his purpose.

Finally, after we had missed the return of the wagon, Mom put her foot down and picked a tree. The husband cut 'er down and we hauled her away. They have several varieties of trees at the farm. We chose this Norway Spruce because it was green throughout the branches and had strong branches (for those heavier ornaments).

I think Ace enjoyed his second visit to the Christmas tree farm, although I'm sure he would have been happier off-leash running through the woods! We had to leave Jolene the beagle mix at home because she's not so polite with other dogs. We don't like to leave her of course and my daughter, Jolene's biggest advocate, gets very upset. But I remind her that Ace shouldn't miss out because of Jolene's lack of appropriate doggie etiquette.

We usually set ourselves small goals on weekends, because we often have to get the kids off to basketball, dance and other activities. So, this past weekend we put the tree in a stand in the corner of the family room and didn't even think about decorating it. That's for another day. Baby steps.

Do you cut down a fresh tree or use an artificial tree? What kind of decorations do you use - dried fruits and popcorn, store-bought plastic ornaments or a mix of the two? (You'll have to watch the Organic Panic Christmas special to see which one my family preferred in the end. They presented us with two trees, designed by two talented decorators, to choose from.)


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