Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Awesome Craft Books for Families

3 Awesome Craft Books for Families from DK Books; sewing, knitting and paper crafting ideas that appeal to kids and their parents. Great step by step tips for beginners. #knitting #sewing #crafts

Winter is on the horizon and that means I'll soon be spending quite a bit of time hibernating. While evenings spent in front of the fireplace with a book and a hot cocoa sound pretty good, eventually all that time indoors (especially with kids) leads to boredom. That's where these books from  DK Canada's Craft Boutique come in handy.

Let's Knit is geared to kids, but the book also works well for the adult who is new to knitting or is simply looking for fun and simple knitting projects. Let's Knit has clear illustrations showing how to make a slipknot, cast on yarn, perform a simple knit stitch, do a purl stitch and cast off.

There are 12 easy projects, such as making a hat and scarf for a teddy bear, knitting fun and colourful bracelets, creating a pretty bag and making an adorable "night owl."

With my ongoing affection for owls, I gravitated to this project first. The body of the owl is made using a simple knit stitch so it is easy for beginner knitters and even children. I enjoyed the process of knitting the body and scarf, creating felt pieces from the templates included in the book and sewing on button eyes. It's a liberating kind of project, because perfection isn't needed or called for. You can simply have fun with it. What do you think of my little owl dude?

The latest in Jane Bull's series of craft books for adults, Get Set, Sew introduces the sewing machine to new users. It's a great resource for preteens and teens as well. Clear instructions and step-by-step photos (there are more than 250 full-colour photographs!) ensure that you understand how to thread a machine, fill a bobbin and perform essential stitches.

There is information about sewing essentials, fabrics and trims too. Then the fun part - put your new sewing skills to use on 20 creative, original projects. Make a colourful tote bag, an easy pillow, a cute stuffed bobtail rabbit (with a pom-pom tail) and a pincushion "watch." There are plenty of projects that result in great gifts for little ones. Who wouldn't love to get a handmade gift this Christmas?

Don't you just love paper? Thick, thin, patterned, plain, coloured - there's something so appealing about a crisp, untarnished sheet of paper. With Paper Craft, you can take your love of paper to new heights. There are 50 projects - cards and gift wrap, decorations, kids' crafts, flowers and scrapbooking.

Paper Craft first outlines the basic equipment used regularly throughout the book - items such as scissors, cutting mat, paints and utility knives. The book outlines paper types - like crepe paper, tissue paper and cardstock. Then come the projects, beginning with an incredible card with a pop-up bouquet inside. I know my daughter will want to make this one. Sure it's more work than buying a card at the corner store, but think what it will mean to your gift recipient. It will spark joy, meaning Marie Kondo would actually let them hold onto it.

You can also make gift boxes, a papercut locket, a honeycomb pom-pom, hanging garlands, animal masks for the kiddos and even quilled earrings! An owl mobile is among the kids' crafts, but I want one myself! So cute. There are tons of gorgeous flowers to make too - in short, Paper Craft promises a whole bunch of family fun and some cool gifts too.

3 Awesome Craft Books for Families; Cozy up with some creative fun for the whole family this winter, with inspiration from these colorful books from DK. Clear instructions and great photos make all of these exciting projects fun for the whole family. #crafts #books #family #fun #kids

I highly recommend these books for families who love to craft together. They benefit from clear instructions, plenty of inspirational photos and good old creative fun. Visit DK's Craft Boutique for more fab books to keep you and your family busy and content on those cold winter days indoors. I'm kind of looking forward to it actually. Kind of.

Buy DK craft books in the U.S. here and in Canada here.

What projects will you keep busy with this winter?

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  1. Great finds, I think I will order all three. I've always regretted not learning to knit from Grandma, it's time I teach myself.

    1. I know! I learned to crochet from my other grandma when I was little but didn't keep it up. If only we had them around now - all the things we could learn from them!

  2. Jo can you make me one of these owls in the teal like on the ears with a brown scarf please?

    1. Yes I can! (You have a clear vision, I can tell.) :) Jo