Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday, with our vegan Thanksgiving dishes

We are still enjoying the loveliest of falls. I have been regularly reminding myself of how much joy I got from this beautiful season when I was younger, until the fear of winter took hold of my heart. I'm trying my hardest to live with gratitude in the moment and see the beauty in each cool fall day without focusing on what's to come.

Part of what makes a day particularly beautiful for me is warm muffins and hot beverages, like my breakfast of vegan berry muffins and decaf coffee with coconut creamer, above. A cup of tea never hurts either. Lately because I have a bit of a cold, I've been easing my throat with hot water with fresh lemon juice and a squeeze of agave for sweetness. For a nice hot chocolate after a long woods walk, try this vegan warm cocoa recipe that my family enjoys.

After breakfast comes...lunch...duh. I had a particularly nice lunch of leftover vegetarian chili and leftover broccoli pizza one day. This chili recipe is one of my favourites because it requires few ingredients but can be jazzed up with all sorts of toppings, like fresh guacamole.

Of course, along with fall (in Canada) comes Thanksgiving. I enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend, neither of which I had to cook. My mom made us this lovely dinner, above, on Saturday. She cooked up a Gardein vegan roast (which comes stuffed and with gravy for a topping), her classic sweet potatoes, green peas and mashed potatoes. I also had vegan blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Gee I wonder why I forgot to photograph it? Too busy gulping it down I guess!

On Sunday we moved on to my in-laws' place, where my sweet sister-in-law made this delicious butternut squash soup from squash she and her husband grew in the garden and apples from a tree down the road.

My mother-in-law made her famous breaded tofu (a fave of the kids) and her special veggie rice balls. My sister-in-law made potatoes with herbs and fresh garlic, also grown in their garden. (I really need to get a garden going!) She also made her incredible stuffing with vegan sausage. She made a whole crockpot full because my whole family loves it and she wanted us to be able to take a bunch home. For a holiday that calls for gratitude, we certainly have lots of beloved and considerate family members to be thankful for.

How about you? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend or are you looking forward to celebrating next month? What are you thankful for?


  1. That broccoli pizza looks so good, I can't believe I'm saying that I just had the biggest chickpea chicken roti ugh so full. And I love your tea cup

    1. That's so funny - I just had a chickpea and potato roti! :)

  2. What great eats (the stuffing looks fabulous!) I'm trying to enjoy spring here but dreading the summer to come as it's a hot day today (34C/93F though it will be cooling way down over the next few days). Jealous of the other side of the world and their cooler weather!