Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Time for Tea & Vintage Bliss Tuesdays Linky Party #53

There are so many wonderful things about fall - bright orange leaves and apple picking and cool breezes flowing through open windows. And then there's tea. Okay, I have tea all year round, but come fall and winter tea keeps me feeling cozy and content.

It's time to pull out all of our lovely, mismatched tea cups and cookie platters and celebrate the warmth and companionship that comes along with a good cuppa tea. Wouldn't it be a lot of fun to invite a few girlfriends over, set out your special china and enjoy a tea party and a good chat? I'm reaching into my dining room armoire these days for pieces like these above (which I previously featured in this post, titled "a cracked plate").

How about we give all of our pretty tea cups a little love this season? Are you with me?

Do you collect tea cups?

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  1. Thank you Joann for Time for Tea and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays 53. We are having sunshine and cool nights on the West Coast this week, my favourite time of year, fall.

  2. Fall is my favorite season! I am loving the crisp air and the fall colors. How nice that you are using your beautiful pieces.

  3. I have been collecting vintage tea cups for years (an obsession maybe?). There's nothing like tea from a special cup with history!

  4. I had many vintage tea cups, until I inherited a set for twenty-eight or so service in Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers, on top of my personal pattern for eighteen. We were big into formal coffees when I was young. I still keep a few of my grandmother's though, because she would make me hot chocolate when I was small and always serve me in a different cup and saucer.

    Thank you for the pretty post and hosting the party, Sandi
    PS, I love your blue cloth with the pulled embroidery, very reminiscent of some Danish needlework I also inherited.

  5. What an adorable cup - I agree fall is time to embrace warm beverages and slowing down.