Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! My spirits have picked up some this week. (I was a bit miserable last week after losing my beloved cameras.) The weather has been pretty close to perfect these last couple of days and I am looking forward to sunshine, picnics and drinks on the patio.

Being without my cameras, I have grown a little bit more easygoing about snapping pictures. Although my LGG3 cellphone has a great camera, I am usually a big advocate of using real DSLR cameras. But I have been quick to use my cellphone camera this week and I find it a little bit freeing. I have used a mix of cellphone and Olympus pics here, starting with this one from my phone, above. This was a pic I took for Instagram (I'm @ziajojo) of a juice I made in the juicer one day - using celery, baby carrots, lemon, apple and parsley. It was a good blend of veggies and sweet stuff.

I am on a big homemade granola bar kick lately - okay always actually. I love, love, love a homemade portable (plus healthy and tasty) snack. I tried the recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip bars in Isa Does It for the first time. These ones are baked (unlike some of the versions where you just melt the peanut butter and other ingredients and mix them with the cereals). I quite liked these, although they came out a bit salty, maybe because I used a salted peanut butter.

On our way back from Kingston (where I lost my cameras - holy, let it go girl), we stopped at the popular tourist spot The Big Apple. For some reason I was feeling like buying alcohol (ha, ha) so I picked up this 401 Brewery Cranberry Apple Cider. It is tangy and tasty and not too sweet. My husband and I enjoyed it. I drank a glass while roasting some veggies for dinner.

I also roasted chickpeas that night. Clearly I was in the mood for roasted things. Then my husband came home and said he wanted to make burritos. Okay then, burritos too. The next day I pulled all kinds of leftovers out of the fridge to make more burritos. It was an attempt not to be wasteful, but also to clear some of those many containers out of the fridge!

We had leftover spring rolls too, so it made for a kind of odd and interesting meal.

And now for my Monday day of eats. I started off with a strawberry, cherry, banana, orange juice, chia seed smoothie. It's what I have been consuming on many mornings lately. In fact, I'm repeating myself from last week, aren't I?

Lunch was leftover tofu and broccoli curry from a recipe in Isa Does It.

Dinner was not the usual. You see, we were off to an out-of-town appointment just before dinnertime. So I grabbed a crunchy peanut butter Clif Bar for the road.

After the appointment, I sucked back a bag of SimplyProtein chips on the way home. Lots of protein between the two snacks.

That left me without any desire for dinner, but I dutifully ate a nice salad with greens, raspberries, roasted chickpeas, dried fruits, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

We had stopped at Costco for a "few things" ($230 worth) on our way home. One item I picked up was a bag of chocolate-covered dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries. Despite being too full for dinner, I managed to eat quite a few of these little goodies!

How is the week going for you? What have you been snacking on?

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  1. so healthy

  2. I personally can never go to Costco without spending at least $100 so I try to go no more than once a month! Are those Protein chips from Target? They sound great and protein is always good for snacks!

    1. I try to restrict my Costco visits too!

      We no longer have Target in Canada :( I don't know if they sell SimplyProtein. We have them at the health section in our grocery store. Here's a recent review I did if you're interested in knowing more:

  3. Mmmm all that healthy grub and the juices look amaaazing.